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What kind of baby bird has grey and white feathers?


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Many species of bird fledglings have grey and white feathers.


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Well, according to what I know.................'Tis a pigeon!

If you mean this bird... then it is a baby Cedar Waxwing.

well, there are allot of birds that have gray feathers. i have a baby bird in my backyard that has gray feathers. robins can, sparrows, and doves are the main ones. very rarely newborn bluebirds can have grey feathers. if you want to know the specific bird, check the eggs (if there are any). if the eggs are blue, it is a bluebird or robin. any other color you would have to go deeper. sometimes you can't just tell by the eggs and the feathers. you can "spy" on the nest to see the mama.

They start out with no feathers, then produce feathers that are grey and fluffy. After awhile those change into black feathers that can be used for flying. They don't produce the white feathers till 4-5 years of age

The penguins feathers when they are first born are black and grey but when they are fully grown the feathers are black and white

Yes, they are born with grey feathers and as they get older the grey feathers fall from their bodys and they have white feathers, these can fall off if they hit a wall or are shot ect. (kind of like human hair, you can pull it out)

they are ligh grey colored and the adult has brown feathers they are ligh grey colored and the adult has brown feathers

A pigeon is a medium to large bird with grey feathers that is often seen in towns. Pigeons roost on building ledges and wherever else they can find a level spot high up to roost.

Penguins do not have grey fur. They have feathers, which are usually black, white or blue-grey. The colour of a penguin's feathers assists with camouflage. For example, penguins that are blue-grey are harder for predators to spot while swimming.

White or brown fur , grey , brown or black feathers .

Well, baby chickens are yellow, but most birds are just grey when yhey are newly hatched.

An Erminette chicken is a chicken with a gene for black feathers and a gene for white feathers. Since the genes are co-dominant, the Erminette chicken has black and white feathers, rather than one or the other or grey.

Emus' feathers are different colours, but they range from dark cream to darker browns and greys. The overall effect tends to be of a dark-brown to grey bird.

NO . Flamingos eat small fish like anchovies and shrimp. Flamingos are actually white or grey, but the shrimp they eat turns them pink. When a flamingo loses its feathers it eventually turns white or grey. A baby flamingo is born white or grey, but it gets pinker as it gets older. They eat shrimp and some anchovies, as well. (It is the shrimp that accounts for the pink color of flamingos.

For the most part, kiwi are brown. Some are darker or lighter than others, depending on species, and most are also speckled with white or lighter flecks. Most also have lighter faces and underbellies. The North Island Brown Kiwi, for example, has a thick covering of shaggy, hairy, brown-grey feathers, while the Great Spotted Kiwi, also known as the Great Grey Kiwi, varies from grey to light brown in colour, but its feathers are covered with black spots. White kiwi have been found in colonies of brown kiwi. These white birds are not albinos, but a genetic mutation has simply given them white feathers.

If it was about three feet tall, it was a Great Blue Heron.

Magpies are grey when young. As they mature it becomes easier to distinguish the male from the female as the back of the male becomes white. When fully mature, they are black, grey and white.

It has a white breast, sparkling blue tail feathers, blue-grey back feathers, the feathers on its head makes the head look sort of cone-shaped, and its beak is black.

The first bird that pops into my head is the Tufted Titmouse. It is mostly grey with a crest on the top of its head, (like the Northern Cardinals crest, only a different color), a white breast/front and the white on its wings. I hope that this was the bird that you are looking at. :>)

I also could not find it using google, wiki or anything, it looks nothing like a red tail hawk or any pic of birds of prey i could find on the net. yet it has a bright red hook shaped beak and black talons. it is very majestic looking even for a baby

yes but only when there babies then there grey aswell and also have more feathers.

grey or normal herons they are found mostly in Europe

They are are typically medium to large birds, usually grey or white, often with black markings on the head or wings.

A PARROT and a scarlet macaw and a bird that is black and can talk is the Africa grey and the white bird that can talk is a cockatoo just in case your wondering

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