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The Leafcutter bee is a type of bee that has black and white stripes on its abdomen. They are native to the Western United States.


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A type of snake that has black and white stripes is a milk snake.


i have a spider that is black with a white strip on its back?

The kind of ant that is all black with white stripes on its butt is known as the black carpenter ant. This seems to be far much bigger than other ants.

There are not any ant that are black with white stripes on its butt. Ants are traditionally all black, and there are some brown ants, as well.

it will probably be a California kingsnake :)

Bald faced hornet is black in color with white stripes. It is a North American wasp and belongs to a genus of yellow jackets.

The black and yellow stripes that bees and wasps share are to warn other animals (including humans) that they are dangerous. That is why people get alarmed when they see any flying insect with black and yellow stripes. The hover fly for example has black and yellow stripes. People are scared of them, even though they are completely harmless.

The Five-lined Skink is a black lizard that has thin white stripes. It is one of the most common types of lizards in the world.

There are a few different caterpillars that have black and white stripes and a head . Two of these are the caterpillars of the Hieroglyphic Moth and the Beautiful Tiger Moth.

I believe that is part of the Black Widow family.

There is a spider that is black and white. It is also kind of fluzzy looking. It is a Regal Jumping Spider. There are non venomous.

Sea Kraits are white with black stripes. Or black with white stripes if you like to look at it that way.They're a sea snake, highly venomous, but only aggressive when provoked repeatedly.King snakes are also black and white, striped. They are non-venomous, land based and eat other snakes.Hope this helped!

Angelfish are not just one color. The most common colors are black, white, and marble, which is black and white stripes.

A velvet ant has a red body and white and black stripes. The scientific name for the velvet ant is mutillidae. It is actually a wasp, but the female resemble an ant.

It's probably Vespula consobrina, a Blackjacket hornet.

The Flea Beetle has an outer shell of yellow-white with three black stripes. It is usually found in western North America and tend to hide in the soil.

The black and white insects are actually not bees at all. They are called bald-faced hornets. And their sting is very painful.

the Buff-Tip Moth caterpillar has black stripes, yellow stripes, and fine white hairs or spikes coming off of it. These are generally about 2.5 inches long and eat oak, maple, elm, and hazel leaves.

The kind of spider that is large 3 inches black and fuzzy with white stripes and found in the Bahamas is a tarantula. These tend to hide most of the time, but they may come out when it rains or if they are disturbed.

If the stripes are light in color, maybe even off white it could be a CA king snake.

White and black rings could be a California King Snake. and they could be near wv through mountains

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