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Foxes like to eat Chickens and Pigeons.
any kind they can kill

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Golden Eagle, Bald Eagle, Vultures and other large birds of prey are known to eat foxes.

Foxes eat birds rats.Mostly rabbits, raccoons, birds or snakes and sometimes frogs

As black birds are quite small foxes would eat them and also lots of other small birds

Foxes mostly eat other animals such as rabbit, racoon, or birds and snakes. Foxes dont just eat meant like carnivores do they may also eat frogs,birds,snakes, or fish.They will eat whatever kind of animal will fit in their mouths. E.g. Mice, Rats, Squirrels, Rabbits, Birds, Small dogs, Cats etc.Sorry I had a message to improve the spelling and grammar.x

Yes, some larger owls and eagles will eat a fox. See the image above.

Arctic foxes eat ground-nesting birds.

Foxes will eat any bird they can catch but this is usually limited to ground nesting birds.

Foxes usually go for biger creatures, such as hares, but they will eat blue tit birds.

Red pandas and foxes normally eat birds.

Yes, foxes do eat beetles. Foxes also eat grass, birds, eggs, berries, crickets, grasshoppers, and amphibians. Foxes are wild animals.

Yes, foxes will eat birds.

If they can catch them they will.

i don't think any birds eat chicks. but foxes eat them. ;-/

Foxes are carnivores which means they will only eat meat. They eat most types of birds and frogs as well as other animals that they can catch easily.Foxes eat small animals such as snakes, mice, rabbits, birds, etc.

birdsswift foxes are omnivorses. they eat almost anything from bugs to tree bark

Fennec foxes eat rodents such as mice.

Yes, foxes do eat several types of small bird as part of their diet. All the time.

Foxes kill and eat small rodents such as mice and or rats. They will also eat rabbit if they have to. Foxes will also eat berries making them omnivores. Foxes are mostly scavengers. Note: Foxes will also eat birds and their eggs.

yes they eat rabbits, small mammals and birds

They are birds that arctic foxes eat.

Birds of prey and foxes

Foxes will eat birds, rabbits, small rodents, thus are a predator. However foxes are eaten by people, larger birds, carnivore's, thus they are prey. Answer is "both"

yimyimyams,foxes,doe,moose,bobcats,and birdsA lion eats primarily zebra, buffalo, and gazelles.

Yes, foxes eat lots of different types of veggies. My foxes' favorite kind seems to be green beans!

rats or small rodents or birds

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