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All airsoft guns fire the 6mm plastic projectile.

If you are talking about weight, all will work, but steer from .12 gram BB's.

Any others, like the .20, .23, .25, ect, will work fine.

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Q: What kind of bullet does the dboys m16 cqb m4 a4 aeg airsoft gun rifle electric gun m-16 automatic rifle fire?
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Are dboys AIRSOFT GOOd?

They are of lower quality then most manufactures.

Is the m4 ris m16 m4a1 electric aeg airsoft rifle swat gun good?

go with trusted brands like, DBoys, JG, CA, AND TM

Why does your airsoft gun Dboys BI-3981 M4 go fully automatic when you click it to semi?

Check cut-off lever and trigger switch assembly for wear&tear and replace them.

Can the 310 fps custom airsoft dboys m4 ris fully automatic aeg rifle made of Polymer Plastic be upgraded?

If it is Tokyo Mauri compatible it can be upgraded with practicaly anything you can imagine ;)

Does the dboys scar Airsoft gun Have rails?

Yes, my Dboys Scar L has rails, im not sure what type though. it has one long one along the top, two short ones on the sides, and a medium sized rail at the bottom.

Is there an airsoft Kar98 that doesn't eject shells and isn't too expensive?

I think Dboys are pretty cheap in relation to many other brands.

Should you get the agm or dboys mk16 airsoft gun?

Don't buy any chineese. buy a Tokyo Mauri one and save up money.

Where can you get an airsoft gun that has a 350 to 430 fps is a electric machine gun and in the price range from 150 or less?

You can buy a dboys or Lancertactical m4A1 for about that much, but they are not very good. they are prone to breaking and don't have great gearboxes. you are better looking at custom's. make sure that the gun you buy is a full metal gun.

Jg m4 s-system enhanced version what magazine do you get from airsoft gi mid cap?

any mag made by most jg, king arms, echo1, and dboys will fit the gun.

Will boyi dboys ar m4 m16 190 short magazine work on boyi d-boys m4 cqb airsoft gun aeg rifle?

it seems like no one knows.

Is the dboys scar-l airsoft rifle a good starter aeg I need to know if its stock internals will hold up I won't be upgrading them Anybody?

They gun has low quality internals. So no, go for another aeg

What is a good AEG airsoft gun to buy?

I would not recommend buying a dboys, jg, or lancertactical. Go to and type "Custom" into the search box and hit enter. It should give you a list of customized full metal airsoft guns with varying prices. Make sure that you buy a Full metal AEG or GBB rifle.