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The cancer caused from tanning beds or too much sun is skin cancer.

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Q: What kind of cancer is caused from tanning beds or too much sun?
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Are tanning beds really dangerous?

yes, because you can still get the same kind of harmful rays from them that the sun caused

Is it best to tan after a workout?

You should be extremely careful about tanning. Many people who use tanning booths / beds have developed skin cancer later on. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any kind of tanning program.

Can you go tanning in a tanning bed if you are taking medication?

It would be best if you didn't. Tanning beds are already dangerous, for they are a huge risk of cancer. It really depends on what kind of meds you are taking though. No matter what, it would be best if you just tan out in the good old fashion sun!

What kind of materials are used to make the bed portion of tanning beds?

Plexiglass is used to make the bed portoin of the tanning bed.

What is the weight limit for tanning beds?

well it all depends where your going tanning and what kind of beds they have but from what i checked the usual weight limits are in 250-350 if you are really not comfortable with going and asking the limit you should probably do mist but like i said it all depends on the beds =)

Does a Tanning Bed give you cancer?

The purpose of a tanning bed is to give you a tan. Tanned skin is damaged skin - any dermatologist (or doctor of any kind) will verify that. The more often and deeply you tan, the greater your risk form skin cancer later in life. Tanning - in a tanning bead or elsewhere - cannot be said to "give you cancer", but it unquestionably increases your risk of developing skin cancer.

What kind of cancer is caused from smoking?

When you smoke it can cause lung cancer.

What kind of cancer caused Steve Jobs to die?

He had pancreatic cancer.

What kind of disease is known to be caused by smoking?

Lung cancer

What kind of salon is Fabutan?

Fabutan is an indoor tanning salon. They keep tanning beds and equipment for customers to use to obtain a tan. They do require that users sign consent forms and give information about their skin type to avoid potential dangers.

What kind of probelms are caused by salt?

cancer, high blood pressure

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