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Q: What kind of charge is produced when silk shirt is rubbed with human body?
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How do you use a corduroy in a sentence?

Jan's corduroy shirt rubbed against her back

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Yes at the MTV award she unbuttoned her shirt and rubbed her belly.

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details about how clothing is produced- apex

When your wool socks are sticking to a silk shirt what is the electric charge on the socks?

its positive

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When a shirt and a sock from the dryer stick together what does this tell you about them?

When clothes are in the dryer and they tumble they create friction causing the electrons of an atom to build up on the sock , creating static electricity which creates a negative charge. The shirt is still uncharged, so when they come out of the dryer the socks negative charge attracts the protons in the shirt making them stick together. It is also known as induction.

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