What kind of cheese is soft cheese?


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Well, soft cheese is a cheese that is soft.


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Ricotta Cheese is very soft, kind of like cottage cheese. Also, Mozzarella Cheese is a soft cheese kind of like string cheese.

*Some soft cheeses are: cottage cheese, farmer's cheese?, goat cheese and fresh mozzarella.* cream cheese, camembert, boursin cheese (not sure what kind of cheese it is though)

Some types of soft, ripe cheese are:BrieCamembertChevreDanish blueGorgonzolaRoquefort

Cheese is soft and chewy.

not as soft as goat cheese, not as hard as parmesan

Yes, because it is soft.

the posh word for soft cheese is fromage frais

hard cheese is hardend by FAT! and i like soft cheese better than hard cheese. =]

Its a soft cheese french cheese

Soft. Not runny, but soft.

Ricotta is an Italian soft cheese that is seven letters.

yes you can use soft cream cheese for baking.

Hard cheese has low moisture content leading to a firm texture and soft cheese is a higher moisture based product.

A soft Italian cheese, similar to cream cheese.

Mozzarella cheese is a soft, fresh cheese from Italy.

No it is a hard cheese from Switzerland.

Hard cheese has a higher calorie content, since soft cheese has a greater percentage of water in it.

Tomme is the most common soft Swiss cheese. Brie-type soft cheeses are also made in Switzerland.

Soft cheese spoil fastest. When you buy soft cheese you should try to eat it soon after purchase or it may spoil.

No because soft cheese is more moist therefore it grows mould quicker

Cheese. There are four main types of cheese: soft, semi-soft, semi-hard, and hard.

No. It is similar in texture to parm.

soft cheese or sour cream :)

There is no right answer for that. Kinds of both soft and hard are economical.

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