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Suny Orange Community College offers many different types of classes. They offer credit and non-credit classes across their campus. They cover almost all majors.

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Q: What kind of classes does Suny Orange Community College offer?
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Can I take community college classes online?

It depends on which community college you are interested in. These days, many community colleges offer online classes. Check with the community college that you are interested in attending to find out if they offer online classes.

Does my community college in Tampa, FLorida offer any ASN training classes?

If Hillsborough Community College is your community college then I am sorry they do not offer any training classes specifically for ASN.

Which community college offers EMT class?

Community colleges does indeed offer EMT classes, for example Central Piedmont Community College, Front Range Community College or Glendale Community College.

Where can I take classes to learn Excel?

Usually community centers that offer adult education classes offer classes on Microsoft Excel. You could also check with your local community college for a cheap class.

Do community colleges offer ESL classes online?

Community colleges do offer a full range of ESL classes; languages depend on your region and the college. Most of the classes do involve some online participation.

Do any community colleges in the St. Louis area offer GED classes?

Yes, several community colleges in the St. Louis area offer GED classes. Some are: St. Louis Community College, East St. Louis Community College, and Patricia Stevens College. Saint Louis Community College ( has GED preparation classes. In addition, these classes are also offered by East Saint Louis Community College Center ( yes

Where can you get classes on photography at?

A local community college or university should offer some classes in photography. Art schools or community art centers are another resource for finding these classes.

What colleges offer courses online?

Community colleges tend to offer online classes. For instance, Pierce College offers online classes. Ask the college you wish to attend if they offer online classes. You can also check through their website or the semester schedule.

What types of schools offer nursing classes?

The types of schools that offer nursing classes include your traditional four year college, like St. John Fisher, local community colleges, like Monroe Community College and some online univerities such as Everest, Capella, and Phoenix offer nursing classes online.

where do they offer free cna classes so i can get certified close to my area or evn if i have to pay its okay?

The local community college with have classes.

Can I take pharmacy tech classes through my community college?

Many community colleges offer pharmacy tech classes across the US. If you live in Littleton, Colorado the Arapahoe Community College offers this training. (303)797-5944.

In what state is Edmonds Community College located?

Edmonds Community College is located in Seattle, Washington. It is a typical community college offering a variety of degrees and certifications in this type of setting. They also offer online classes.

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