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I recently purchased a new savage .22 clip for my old 7a and used a grinder to put a notch in it so it looked like the old clip and it works great

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โˆ™ 2011-01-27 21:45:58
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Q: What kind of clip does my savage model 7a take?
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What does a 30 30 model 170 pump look like?

I assume you mean a Savage Model 170 rifle. The link below will take you to a website with photos of a Savage 170.

What round does a Savage Arms Model 59 A use?

I cannot find a "Savage Model 59A" in any reference book - are you certain of the model number? There is a common Savage rifle, the Model 99A, which was chambered for .303, .30-30, or .300 Savage. The caliber markings will be on the barrel. If it is a .22 then it is almost always chambered for .22 Long Rifle. If it is chambered for .22 short, it will be marked as such. If in doubt, take the gun to a local gunsmith for a professional appraisal. The savage arms 59a is a bolt action 410 shotgun. Should have Stevens name on it above savage arms corporation.

How do you take apart a savage model 219 single shot rifle?

Recommend you ask a gunsmith for help and watch

How do you take apart a M4 airsoft clip?

M4's use a Magazine to feed the bb's into the weapon. A clip is a holder of ammo that is not spring fed, a magazine is. so what "clip" are you referring to for what model m4 & who makes it?

Where can i get A clip for a American Arms Eagle cal 380 with an extension?

take it with you to try the clip.... I am pretty sure a Walther PPK (not PPKS) clip will fit perfectly. You can try, gun parts they may have an original model. sparkman7x7

What is the value of a 1833 30 30 model savage rifle?

First, the 30-30 cartridge did not exist in 1833, so I take it you meant 1933. You did not say what model of Savage rifle, but the Savage 99 was a very poular rifle. The value will depend on the exact model and condition, but could run $200-$500. Give us more information, and we may be able to narrow things down.

How do you disasemble a Revelation Model 115 22 bolt action rifle?

Your rifle was made by Savage for Western Auto. It is a Savage Model 46. You can contact Savage for an owners manual. It is a very basic bolt action. Remove the screw on the underside of the forearm to take action out of stock. Push the 2 pins out that hold the trigger group in place, and you can remove the bolt. gunpartscorp was a schematic at their website, under savage 46.

What type of ammo can you fire out of a Savage model 220p 12ga shotgun?

Those I've seen take 2 3/4 or shorter.

What is the value of a Savage model 99 serial number 168742?

The value of any firearm is based on the exact make, model and condition. In the case of a Savage 99, the model and caliber will also affect value. That rifle may be worth $350 or $1,200, depending on what you have. You will need to take the rifle to a gun shop or gun show for a hands-on evaluation.

How do you take out clip on Nerf recon cs-6?

There are orange things on the side of the gun, just above the clip. Pull it, and take out the clip.

Can trigger pull be reduced on savage model 99?

Good question, I have one of the very early models, l908. I know that it can but it will probably take a gunsmith to do it.

What is the value of a12 gauge savage model 775a sn?

That really depends on the condition. Take it to a gunsmith or appraiser or go to to get an idea of what they are selling for.

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