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Cirrus clouds are light and feathery.


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the featerhery kind of clouds are cirrus clouds

Any of the cirriform (or high) clouds could be described as light and feathery.

the feathery clouds in the sky that kind of look like eyelashes are cirrus clouds

Cirrus clouds are thin, white, and feathery.

Cirrus clouds. This type is often called mare's tails. Made of ice crystals blown by winds at high altitude.Feathery clouds are called Cirrus clouds. Cirrus clouds are made of ice crystals instead of water droplets and form at altitudes between five and fourteen kilometers.

High, wispy clouds are generally categorized as cirrus clouds.

Cirrus clouds are the types of clouds that form high in the sky. They are also white, feathery and look very light. They tend to come around when the weather is fair.

Cirrus clouds are thin, wispy clouds usually formed at high altitudes.

They are called Cirrus Clouds and are at 16,500 - 45,000 feet. They are made from tiny ice particles. Cirrus clouds are feathery looking because of the very high winds at that altitude.

Stratus clouds look like feathery strokes in the sky

Those are cirrus clouds. Note: If you see those, they mean there will be precipitation within 24 hours.

cirrus cloud (who didnt Know that) I didnt

"CIRRUS CLOUDS"...I Hope I can Help U..:))

Wispy, feathery cluds are called cirrus clouds. Cirrus comes from a word meaning "a curl." Cirrus clouds form at high altitudes, usually above 6 km, and at low temperatures. They are made of ice crystals and indicate fair weather.

Cirrus clouds appear fibrous or curly. They are high, thin, white, feathery clouds made of ice crystals. Cirrus clouds are associated with fair weather, but they indicate approaching storms.

No, the word feathery is not an adverb.The word feathery is in fact an adjective.

status clouds or cumulonimbus clouds

The phrase 'light from clouds' has three syllables.

What kind of clouds are covering the sky on weekends

You may mean Cirrus clouds, characterised by thin wispy strands, they also have the common name of 'mares tails'.

no he didn't it is still light brown and feathery

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