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This is most probably a cold which developed into brocnhitis and thus causing you to cough for such a long time. Phlemn is common with bronchitis and to solve it you should put your head under hot steam (shower steam) to open up your bronchi.

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Q: What kind of cold is it if you have a stuffy nose and have had a very bad cough for about 2 weeks but you only cough sometimes throughout the day?
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Had a cough for 5 weeks have taken over the counter medication cough still there?

See a doctor, after 5 weeks you need to find out what's causing the cough.

Is major sinus pain but no stuffy nose a symptom of Swine Flu?

Any of the cold or general flu symptoms can be a symptom of swine flu. It can be as mild as stuffy nose or serious enough to put you in bed for weeks. Generally speaking though, the swine flu is like any other flu, if not a little milder, you get a fever, a cough and a stuffy/runny nose and body aches and it comes on pretty quick. Sinus pain can follow a bout with a stuffy or runny nose. As always, if in doubt, check with your doctor.

Have had a bad cough for months how to get rid of it?

Any cough lasting longer than two weeks should be investigated by a physician.

What happens if you get pertussis?

Pertussis remains in an "exposure period" lasting on average, ~3 weeks. The "Infection Period" begins with the "Catarrhal stage", lasting ~2 weeks. Symptoms incluse Onset of cold-like symptoms (coryza, sneezing, occaisonal cough), Sometimes mild fever, cough gradually becomes more severe until.... the "Paroxysmal stage"-characterized by spasms of severe coughing followed by a sudden, deep inspiration, often resulting in a characteristic "whooping" noise, thus the name "Whooping Cough". This generally lasts ~5 weeks until a Convalescent period of up to 7 weeks.

I am suffering from cough for more than 2 weeks and now i am sweating a lot Why?

You may have the flu or another problem if you have had a cough for more than 2 weeks. You will need to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

What is the degree of damage of whooping cough?

It really depends on how long the whooping cough goes untreated as to how much damage it does. With modern medicine, it is usually caught quickly, but sometimes it is misdiagnosed and slips by.When left untreated it can cause a variety of problems, the main being a deep gasping cough.Also:pneumoniaear infectionsloss of appetiteseizuresdifficulty breathingdeathAfter whooping cough has been treated and the patient is no longer infected, the cough can remain for many weeks after.

You have had a mild sore throat sporadic loss in voice and a dry cough for 5 weeks what could this be?

maybe it could be laringitis, just with a common cough

How long does kennel cough last?

Kennel cough, an upper respiratory condition found in cats and dogs, can have symptoms that last up to six weeks.

If you are twelve weeks pregnant when was conception?

Twelve weeks and few days - sometimes 1 but sometimes 6.

When is the first diagnostic of tuberculosis?

Continues cough for at least 2 weeks with a confirmation test

Will a bad cough lasting two weeks affect your white cell blood count?

Yes. Your white blood cell count will usually increase in such bad cough.

How long does flu cough last?

It can last up to two weeks after the other symptoms are gone.

Would the ribs still hurt after they are healed and have no cough etc?

No, but healing can take 6 weeks.

Can your period make your stuffy nose last longer I have had a stuffy nose for over 2 weeks I noticed it stayed when I got my monthly I don't know if it's cuz of my period or not?

Generally no the timing was probably coincidental. Though it maybe allergies to product used during the time frame.

What are whooping cough symptoms?

The disease usually takes one to three weeks to incubate, with the child usually passing through three stages. The following are the most common symptoms of whooping cough, according to each stage. However, each child may experience symptoms differently. Symptoms may include:catarrhal stage (often lasts one to two weeks): mild coughlow grade feverrunny noseacute phase (may last for several weeks): cough gets worse and comes in severe fitscough is dry and harshcough ends with a whoop sound on inspirationchild may vomit with the coughing and appear to be strangling on the vomitcough can be started by many factors, including feeding, crying, or playingrecovery phase (usually begins around the fourth week): vomiting and the whooping cough cease firstthe cough usually decreases around the sixth week, but may continue on occasion for the next one to 2 monthsWhooping cough can last up to several weeks and can lead to pneumonia.The symptoms of whooping cough may resemble other medical conditions. Always consult your child's physician for a diagnosis.

What are the symptoms of whooping cough and how is it prevented?

Whooping cough starts mild and acts like a cold with symptoms like runny nose, congestion, sneezing, dry cough and a mild fever. Symptoms may worsen after a few weeks and may have vomiting and cough with a high pitched "whooping" sound between breathes.

Should you see a doctor if you have a cough if you have had it for 6 weeks?

My mother always took us to the doctor if we had any symtom for more than one week. As far as a cough for six weeks, this means there is something going on that your own immune system is not able to fight. It's good to get help from a doctor then. A long term cough could be bronchitis or any number of other things.

You are 38 weeks pregnant you have a cold when you cough your belly hurt?

It's probably just the muscles tighten when you cough. Same thing happens when you aren't pregnant but then you don't have a baby in there taken up space. Go to the doctor and ask what cough medicine you can use.

How long do symptoms last from Influenza A?

Flu symptoms usually last 3 to 7 days, but sometimes up to 10 days. Cough from the flu could last longer than the other symptoms, perhaps up to 2 weeks. If cough continues beyond that time, you should contact your health care professional to be sure you do not have a secondary respiratory infection.

Can you mix Robitussin DM with Mucinex?

I have a terrible cough and had my chest xrayed and there are no sign of pnemonia or CHF. Can you take robotussin dm and mucinex extra strength together? Please Help. I have had the cough for 3 weeks.

Do you have tummy bulge after 3 weeks of pregnancy?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on the person.

How do people diagnose whooping cough?

Whooping cough normally starts off with cold type symptoms. That can include a mild fever or cough. After a week, you will start coughing and it basically sounds like your making a "whooping" noise when you cough. It can be diagnosed by having a physical examination or a blood test. It can be treated with antibiotics and it is good to have early treatment because after three weeks of having the whooping cough, it is hard to get rid of.

How long does it take to receive a package from Australia?

Two or three weeks sometimes 4 weeks

About how many weeks does a human pregnancy last?

usually it is about 40 weeks but sometimes it may be overdue or premature but if not usually 40 weeks

How long is kennel cough contagious after antibiotic?

Once your dog has completed treatment for Kennel Cough, it can continue to infect other dogs for 6-14 weeks. Being vacinated for Kennel Cough does not guarantee complete protection (no vaccine guarantees complete protection) but it will lower the chance of infection.