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What kind of compound is c2h6?

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C2H6, ethane, is a saturated hydrocarbon or alkane.

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What is the compound C2H6?

The compound C2H6 is Ethane -- a natural gas.

Is C2H6 an organic molecule?

Yes, ethane (C2H6) is an organic compound.

Does C2H6 have a triple bond?

yes it does. C2H6 is an ionic compound with 2 parts C and 6 parts H

What does C2H6 stand for?

This is the molecular formula of a compound named "ethane".

What is the name of the compound ch3ch3?

Ethane. Usually written C2H6.

An isomer of a compound with the formula c2h6 would have the formula?

C2H6 and isomer would have the same simple chemical formula. In the case of this molecule though, an isomer is not possible.

Is c2h6 a mixture or element?

C2H6 (ethane) is neither a mixture nor an element. It is a molecular compound since it contains different atoms but is not mixed with other compounds.

Is there a hydrogen bond in c2h6?

No because there is not an OH group present, this compound is not soluble in water.

Which compound contains ionic bonds?

Frequently these are compounds made from metals with nonmetals.

What is the hybridization of the central atom in C2H6?

In this compound, the carbon atoms undergo sp3 hybridization.

What is the formula for molecular compound carbon hex hydride?

This term was initially used for ethane C2H6.

The compound most likely to be a gas at room temperature and pressure is?

a) SiO2 b) Al2O3 c) NaFd) C2H6 e) no correct answerThe correct answer of the options available is d) C2H6.

How many moles of carbon are there in 500 mole of c2h6?

The formula C2H6 shows that there are two carbon atoms in each molecule of the compound. Since the formula mass for elemental carbon is a single atom, 500 moles of the compound will contain 1000 moles of carbon.

Is the compound C2H8 polar?

No. First of all, no such compound exists, though you can have C2H6 or C3H8 Compounds consisting of only carbon and hydrogen are nonpolar.

Is c2h6 an alkene?

No, C2H6 is an alkane.

What is the molecular formula of a compound whose empirical formula is CH3?

The most common one would be C2H6, but there might be others.

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