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I think that frogs are carnivore.

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What kind of food do frogs eat?

Insect like flies, so mostly they eat primary consumers, making the frog a secondary consumer.

Are frogs producers decomposers or consumers?

it is a consumer

Is frogs decomposer or consumer or producer?

Frogs eat other organisms, such as insects, so they are consumers.

What kind of consumer is an anteater?

its a consumer

What kind of habitat do frogs live in?

The kind of habitat that frogs live in depend on their particular kind. For examples some frogs such as tree frogs live up in trees while other frogs may prefer living in bodies of water or the rainforest.

What kind of frogs are used for dissecting?

Anura frogs

What type of kind of feet do frogs have?

frogs have webbed feet.

Which kind of these frogs is the most dangerous?

poison dart frogs

Where can frogs be found?

there are a lot of frogs in the world so it all depends on what kind of frogs you are researching

What kind of frogs are dark green?

tree frogs are dark green

What kind of frogs live in swamps?

all frogs live in swamps

What kind of snakes eat frogs?

Grass snakes eat frogs.

What kind of frogs eat insects?

Most frogs eat insects.

What kind of consumer is a bobcat?

secondary consumer

What kind of consumer is the peacock?

secondary consumer

What kind of animals eat frogs?

owls, hawks, snakes, and some other kind of birds eat frogs to.

What kind of frogs eat fire ants?

It has been said that most frogs do not like to eat ants of any kind. Frogs that are known to eat ants (or fire ants) are cane toads or bull frogs.

What kind of consumer follows a producer in a food chain?

The kind of consumer that follows a producer in a food chain is called a primary consumer. This consumer eats the producer.

What kind of consumer are you?

what kind of consume are you

Where is frog blood cells from producer or consumer?

consumer, since frogs eat things. note: plants are producers animals are consumers

There are small frogs all over our lawn what kind of frogs are they?

spring Peepers

What kind of frogs live in the temperate deciduous forest?

spring peeper frogs

Why do dart frogs act with other dart frogs?

they do because that socialize with there on kind

What kind of water do most frogs live in?

Most frogs live in freshwater.

What kind of country are frogs normally found in?

Frogs can be found in all countries.

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