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Q: What kind of disability does Malcolm young son have?
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What was wrong with Malcolm Young's son?

He has a disability.

What 's the name of Malcolm Young's son?


Who tries to kill Macbeth but is slain?

young siward was slain in the attempt to murder macbeth.

In Macbeth what is Malcolm's brother called?

Malcolm didnt have a son he is Duncan's son and heir

Who is named to succeed Duncan to the throne in Macbeth?

In Macbeth? King Duncan names his son Malcolm The Prince of Cumberland who is the heir apparent. After his murder, Malcolm flees so Macbeth is named to be King but later on in the play Malcolm, Duncan's son, becomes king.

Was king Duncan Malcolm's dad in Macbeth?

yes Malcolm was his eldest son.

What title is the King giving to his son Malcolm in Macbeth?

Malcolm, King Duncan's son, is proclaimed Prince of Cumberland in Act I Scene 4

Who is the oldest son of Duncan?

The oldest son of Duncan is Malcolm. He is next in line for the throne after his father Duncan, but he faces challenges in doing so from Macbeth in the play "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare.

Who is king at the end of Macbeth?

At the end of Shakespeare's play Macbeth; Malcolm, son of Duncan is proclaimed to be King of Scots. (In actual history, Macbeth was succeeded by his son Lulach; who was then was assassinated and deposed by Malcolm)

Who did duncan name prnce of Cumberland?

his son, Malcolm

Is Malcolm X's son alive?

Malcolm X sired six daughters with his wife Betty Shabazz, but no sons.

Did King Duncan have just one son in Macbeth?

No. His eldest son was Malcolm and his youngest was Donalbain.