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Ginger who is Nadia's pet is a part of the canis familiaris.

In the book she is considered "the smartest dog ever" in her group.

The domestic dog (Canis familiaris), is a subspecies the gray wolf (Canis lupus)

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Ginger is a miniature poodle. She is a smart and playful dog who is well-loved by the characters in the book.

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Q: What kind of dog is Ginger in the view from Saturday?
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In the book the view from Saturday what did ham planed to do to ginger and how was it discovered?

Julian overheard Ham talking on the bus about how he put tranquilizers into dog treats that he would give Ginger for the play on Annie.

What kind is Bethany Hamilton's dog?

Bethany's dogs, Ginger (who has passed away) and Hana, are both Shar Peis

What is a characteristic Of Nadia from the book The View From Saturday?

Nadia is portrayed as a confident and spirited young girl in the book "The View From Saturday." She is known for her adventurous personality and her willingness to take risks, making her a key member of the unique group of friends known as "The Souls."

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Shar-pei And just in case you didn't know that's her actual dog now (ginger died :( the dog in the movie is named Hanalei, Hana for short.

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What is the breed of Bethany Hamilton's dog ginger?

Shar Pei