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static electricity and a bit of kinetic energy if object is moving or orbiting.

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Q: What kind of electricity is produced by rubbing?
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What is the type of electricity produced by rubbing plastic on wool?

Static electricity.It is electricity at rest. It is produced by friction, by rubbing.

Type of electricity produced by rubbing plastic?

Static electricity.

What kind of electricity can be produced with a comb?

Static electricity can be produced with a comb.

How static electricity produced?

friction. two objects rubbing against each other.

What kind of electricity can be caused by rubbing two materials together?


Why static electricity is not produced on rubbing conducting surfaces?

on rubbing conducting surfaces, the charged developed does not stay but flows through our body( we don't feel it!) and is no more left on the conductor.

What kind of energy is produced from electricity?

i am pretty sure it is electric current

What kind of electricity is produced by the power of running water?

Hydroelectric power.

What electricity is caused by rubbing things together?

It is static electricity.

The kind of electricity you create by rubbing a balloon on your head?

Rubbing a balloon on your head can produce static electricity. This can also be accomplished by shuffling your feet across a carpet, when the humidity is very low. Another method that is used in science classes is the rubbing of a glass rod against a silk cloth. This allows the transfer of electrons to the rod. Another method is the use of a Van de Graaff generator, or a Whimshurst machine.

What is the topic of rubbing your feet on the floor make electricity?

Static electricity.

Why frictional electricity is known as static electricity?

Becuase static electricity is generated by rubbing or by friction.