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Q: What kind of energy contributes to smog?
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What contributes to help cause both acid rain in Germany and smog in the united?

what contributes to help cause both acid rain in germany and smog in the united

Does smog affect solar energy?


What is a reddish brown gas that contributes to the color og smog haze?

nitrogen dioxide

Ozone or smog are what kind of pollutants?

Air pollutants.

What kind of pollution makes it hard to breath?


What are the effects of welding fumes on the environment?

Automotive exausr (transportation fuel emissions) is a significant contributor to environmental problems.The emissions from auomobile exhast contain:Unburned hydrocarbon: Contributes to photchemical smog and health issuesNitrogen oxides: Contributes to photochemical smog and acid rainAromatic hydrocarbons: Contributes to photochemical smog and health issuesCarbon dioxide: Contributes to global climate changeCarbon monoxide: A human health issue in confined spacesParticulate: Contributes to soilingOdour: Autmotive exhaust components have an odour which impacts deneral air quality

What kind of pollution is ozone and smog?

Ozone is not a pullutant. Our ozone is what is being destroyed by the air pollution called smog.

Why is car exhaust good for the environment?

it is not good for the environment it is bad, it contributes to global warming, smog, etc

Pollutants such as Ozone and Smog are what kind of pollutants?

Photchemical Pollution Hope This Helps

Pollutants suchs as ozone or smog are what kind of pollutants?

they are Gaseous

Why is wind energy better for the planet?

Wind Energy does not affect the atmosphere. Fossil Fuels create smog and smoke which damages the atmosphere.

What kind of energy is eating?

chemical energy is the kind of energy