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Q: What kind of energy is necessary to initiate the process of photodynthesis?
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The energy necessary to start a chemical reaction?

The energy necessary to initiate a chemical reaction is called "activation energy."

What kind of energy is necessary to initiate of photosynthesis?

That is light energy. Source is the sun

What is the energy needed by a system to initiate a process?

Your mother

Why is chemical energy needed in all chemical reactions?

To initiate a chemical reaction an activation energy is necessary.

Explain why an investment of activation energy is necessary to initiate a spontaneous reaction? idea. I have the same question...... But after reading my text, I'm pretty sure its to do with the fact that there is an energy barrier between the reactant and products that must be overcome in order for the reaction to proceed, which is what activation energy basically is, the amount of energy needed to jumpstart the process. ! I'm studying for Finals too!

What type of energy is needed to initiate photosynthesis?

Radiant energy

What process gives both plants and animals the energy necessary for survival?


What is the process of photosynthesis for?

It is necessary for the plant to produce energy and keep itself alive.

Is activation energy added or just there?

Activation energy is the amount of energy that should be gained by potential reactants, for a reaction to occur. A reaction can be occurred by reducing the activation energy of the reaction or increasing the activation energy of the reactants. Activation energy should be added.

What is the chemical process involved exercising?

The necessary energy of organisms is obtained from the glucose oxydation.

What kind energy begins photosynthesis?

solar energyLight energy is needed to initiate. This energy is stored as chemical energy

What are in the reactants of photosynthesis?

In this process the reactants are water (H2O) and carbon bi oxide (CO2), in the ratio of 1:1. You need the light energy (sunlight) to initiate the reaction.