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small ones

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Q: What kind of fish do snapping turtles eat?
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What snaping turtles eat?

Snapping turtles are carnivorous, and eat mainly fish, amphibians, invertebrates (when young), and carrion.

What is a snapping turtles role in a food chain?

To eat the fish then the fish eat the bacteria. Also Dolphins eat the fish then sharks eat the dolphins.

What do crocodile snapping turtles eat?

Crocodile snapping turtles do not exist. Only Alligator snapping turtles do.

Can asnapping turtle eat a snapping turtle?

Yes. Adult snapping turtles will eat baby snapping turtles.

What does black and yellow snapping turtles eat?

A common full-grown snapping turtle eats fish, meat, insects, and plants.

What do snapping turtle eat?

Since I live at a home that has a creek, I know what it is like to have baby snapping turtles. I have also taken care of a couple big ones. Snapping turtles eat worms, June Bugs, crickets and small fish. If it is a baby, cut the worms and fish up smaller. They will eat whole crickets and June Bugs though.

What turtles would do well with other fish?

It depends on the size of the fish and the turtle. Most turtles will not try an eat a fish that is larger than them. Of course no snapping turtles they will pick at larger fish untill they die.

Do turtles eat every kind small fish?

Whey do turtles eat fish any way

What plants do snapping turtles live bye?

Snapping turtles eat seaweed or things we eat like: vegetables

What do turtles eat to survive?

Most are herbivores, and therefore eat water-growing plants, such as seaweeds. However, some species, like snapping turtles, eat fish and amphibians.

What amphibians do snapping turtles eat?

snapping turtles eat frogs, newts and other small amphibians. what ever fits in their mouth they will eat

Do snapping turtles eat?