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What kind of food do crabs eat?

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The sort of food a crab will need really depends on its species and its habitat. Most crabs are aquatic and do not emerge onto land very often, so most of their diet comes from what they can find underwater. Most crabs are carnivorous, but some are omnivores. If you are considering a crab as a pet, the pet shop will be able to tell you what kind of food it needs. I have kept crabs caught from the creek on mince and dog biscuits, but only for a few days.

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What kind of food do crabs and eels eat?

Hermit crabs normaly eat fruit and dead fish.Eels eat plankton.

What is the best amount of food that crabs eat?

it depends what kind of crab you have

Do crabs eat human food?

yes, but it depends on what kind of food. try not to feed it meat

What kind of food eat by squid?

fish crabs lobster shrimp maybe

Can sea hermit crabs eat normal hermit crab food?

No. Land crabs eat land food, while sea crabs eat sea food.

Do pet crabs eat fish food?

Yes, pet crabs will very likely eat fish food.

Were do crabs get there food and what food does it eat?

Well crabs get their food from all the seaweed and plague in the water...

Do all crabs eat hermit crab food?

im pretty sure that not all crabs eat hermit crab food. unless that u mean that do all hermit crabs eat hermit crab food? then the answer to that is yes. all hermit crabs eat hermit crab food.

Can hermit crabs eat food coloring?

NO! Hermit crabs can't eat food coloring. the chemicals in it could kill them.

Can crabs eat fish food?

Yes it is actually ok for crabs to eat fish food. The crab may avoid it at first but then after a day or two it will eat the food. crabs are also know as picky eaters so some may not eat it.

What do fiddler crabs eat other than crab food?

Fiddler Crabs eat Plankton.

What do small hermit crabs eat?

small hermit crabs eat powdered hermit crabs food. also they eat chopped veg. and fruits.

Do crabs eat spiders?

Yes they do. Spiders are the favorite food of crabs.

What kind of fish can hermit crabs eat?

Hermit crabs do not eat fish they need to eat a variety of foods like:fruits,vegies,hard food and treats like:papaya,coconut,pineapple,banana chips,apples,and mangos

How do Hermit Crabs get there food?

Hermit Crabs eat anything they can get there claws on. but i feed my hermit crabs neopolitan cookies and just regular food for hermit crabs

Where are starfishes in the food chain?

In the middle because the eat dead crabs,crabs eat fish,and fish eat seaweed.

Are crabs at the bottom of the food chain?

No, crabs eat other animals an thefore they are not at the base of the food chain.

What kind of food do they eat in the Philippines on New Year's Day?

They eat a lot of round fruits, eggrolls, kalamay, lumpia...etc but be sure not to eat sea food specially shirmp and crabs

Can hermit crabs eat tuna?

Yes they do they eat food

What do the Tasmanian giant crabs eat?


Could crabs eat goldfish food?


What kind of monkeys eat crabs?

No monkeys eat crabs because you ar a koko head Kokokokokokokokokokokokok head

How do Pea crabs eat?

Pea Crabs eat food that gets caught in the mucus strands on the oyster shell.

What human food do fiddler crabs eat?

Fiddler crabs should never eat human food. They are not able to digest human food. However, they should be fed crab food or fish food.

What kind of food does a crab eat?

Crabs are mostly scavengers eating fish that have already died, but they also will kill live fish for food as well.