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An outside force, measured in Newtons(N)

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What always causes a change in motion of the object?

An applied force will change the motion of an object. Such as a thrust, or an impact.

What three forces cause an object to change its motion?

The three forces that causes an object to change its motion are the gravitational force, the normal force and the frictional force.

What causes an object to change motion?

an aplied force will change the motion of an object.Such as a thrust ,or an impact

What causes motion of an object?

Applied force to an object causes motion.

Why does object in motion stay in motion?

An object in motion stays in motion because it requires a force to change the motion. No force, no change.

How does force cause a change in motion?

A force, such as an unbalanced force, causes an object to move, while balanced forces, where two sides are equal, does not cause a change in motion.

Kind of force that causes a change in motion?

Applied force causes a change in motion. The change of motion can be from stationary to motion or a change of speed or acceleration.

What causes an object to change speed of the direction of motion?

A force acting on the body, along its line of motion.

What kind of force causes and object to change its motion?

Any type of force will do, as long as it's an unbalanced force.

What is forces?

Forces is defined as anything that causes an acceleration on an object when applied. The force on an object causes it to change its motion which we called acceleration.

What is the cause of an acceleration or a change in an objects motion?

A force causes a change in acceleration of an object, F=ma.

What is an unbalned force?

An unbalanced force is a force that causes change in motion. A force must also overcome friction before an object will move.

Will an unalanced force acting on an object change the object motion?

Yes,unbalaced force may stop or change the direction of motion or accelarate the object.

How can the motion of an object change?

By the application of force on the object.

How are motion force and energy related?

Motion is caused by applying a force to an object. A force applied to an object that causes it to move requires energy

What does Unbalanced force mean?

Ubalanced force: is when two forces are acting on an object results in a net force and causes a change in the object's motion.

How does air resistance affect the motion of an object?

it causes friction and slows down the object. if the air resistance is greater than the force applied then it can also change the direction of the motion of an object.

A force is needed to change the motion of an object?

Yes, an unbalanced force is needed to change the motion of an object.If an unbalanced force does not act on an object it will continue to maintain its state of motion (either in motion or at rest), not considering the effect of frictional force. This is basically Newtons first law of motion.

A sentence using balanced force in science?

Equal amount of force pulling from each side of an object causes no change in motion.

A force causes an object to change position?

No, an object can change position without force.

What is the force that causes an object to follow a circular path?

Newton's Laws of Circular Motion say Centripetal Force is a force which causes an object to follow a circular path. It is proportional to the centripetal acceleration of the object.

What is force and what are the various effets of force?

FORCEthe effect one object on other as on another such a pull or push which causes trends or cause a change in motion

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