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Glue used to glue a carpet

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Q: What kind of glue should be used for making beaded jewelry?
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What is the strongest glue for making bead jewelry?

Super glue

How do you remove super glue from gold jewelry?

I go super glue on my wedding ring with diamonds. How can I remove?

Is making glue an example of a physical or chemical property?

Making glue is a chemical process.

How glue may obtained from bones?

glue making

Can you use coffee in making glue?

I cannot think of ant application for coffee in glue making.

How do you make beaded fish key chains?

take a fish cover it in glue then roll it in seed beads. tie a string around it. done!

What glue do you use to put jewelry on wood?

Epoxy or E6000 would be nest. White glue won't stick to the jewellery.

What is best glue for gold jewelry?

Epoxy is best for any jewellery.

Are there similar contents in banana and glue for glue making?

NO, you are wasting time with this.

What are the in gredients in making glue?

There are so many different types of glue that you would have to specify a named glue for that answer.

Is elmers non-toxic glue harmfulmto lizzirds?

Actually lizards typically eat foods that are glue like in nature, elmer's glue should be fine. Making it a part of its diet might even be beneficial in nature due to all the fibers that go into glue.

What is the process of making a glue out of jackfruit sap?

Put the sap in a glue processor