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What kind of government does panama have?


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The type of Government that Panama has is called a Constitutional Democracy or Monarch meaning that it is under a law so the Government that is incharge of Panama owns them or is incharge of every buisness in Panama.


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Panama is a Limited Government

Panama has a presidential democratic government.

María Luisa Romero is the Minister of Government for Panama.

the panama canal operats and runs by the government of panama.

Panama is a Republic and has a Constitutional Democracy.

panama is an isthmus an is in the central America.

The government of Panama is the president.Currently chief of state: President Juan Carlos Varela (2014-present)

Yes and No ANSWER: Panama is not part of the United States. The Panama Canal was the only thing controlled by the US until 1999 when the US government handed over the Panama Canal to the Panama Government through the signing of the Torrijos-Carter Treaties signed in 1977.

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Constitutional Government. the same kind that is in America. They vote a president to lead their country and they also have a constitution. I think this is because America helped them get their freedom from Columbia.

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panama is a constitutional democracy.

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The people of Panama. Panama is a sovereign country, so it is not 'owned' by anyone else. Should you mean to ask: Who owns the Panama Canal? the answer is: it is owned by the Republic of Panama and managed by the Government agency called the ACP (Autoridad del Canal de Panama).

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Panama Canal Authority, an agency of the Panamanian government owns the canal. Complete control was turned over to them by a joint U.S/Panama administration on December 31, 1999.

Most of the natural rivers in Panama are not navigable. This means that boats cannot move through them easily, making it difficult for the government to control what is going on in these areas.

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