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Cricket, slow and fast pitch softball are three.


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SPORTS OF STICK & BALL e.g.-Golf,Baseball

Ummm. Because they are summer sports, thats kind of the point. If people played baseball when it was cold would that be any fun?

Baseball also known as Americas Past time was big then.

Whip the African, Rob the Native and Baseball.

Spartans played Olympic Sports

astroturf or short cut grass

The kind of games (or sports) the Native Americans played was baseball:)

American football, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, hockey - all the sports played elsewhere.

Texans like to play baseball, basketball, and football, some tennis and volleyball.

Panama sports include basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, boxing, golf, cycling, horse racing and many more.

Wimbledon is played on a grass surface.

the kind of sports that are available are soccer,football,hockey,tennis,basketball,and baseball

All the sports you play, but maybe not cricket.

baseball, and card games and whatever else ppl wanted to play.

The main sports played in North Korea are football, hockey and swimming.

No sports are played in senegal as they are all fat and lazy.

I don't think she played any sports

soccer and basketball and swimming and tennis and baseball and football and all sports

skateboarding, baseball ,basketball, nascarNFL


Sports News has information on a variety of sports. These sports include but are not limited to tennis, the Olympics, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and golf.

Some of their most popular sports are baseball and soccer but they pretty much the same sports as us.

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