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What kind of jobs are available in the field of Chemistry?

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* Biochemist * Chemical Analyst * Chemist, Analytical * Chemist, Clinical * Chemist, Food * Chemist, Industrial * Chemist, Inorganic * Chemist, Organic * Chemist, Pharmaceutical * Chemist, Physical * Chemist, Police * Chemist, Pollution Control * Chemist, Polymer * Chemist, Production * Chemist, Quality Control * Chemist, Research * Crime Lab Analyst * Criminologist * Food and Drug Inspector * Food Technologist * Industrial Hygienist * Laboratory Assistant * Microbiologist * Perfumer * Quality Control Supervisor * Researcher * Sales, Wholesale * Sanitarian * Sanitation Inspector * Soil Scientist * Spectroscopist * Supervisor, Publications * Teacher * Technical Sales * Technical Writer * Technician, Chemical Laboratory * Technician, Dialysis * Technician, Fingerprint * Technician, Histologic * Technician, Medical * Technician, Ophthalmic Laboratory * Technician, Optical Laboratory * Technician, Quality Control * Technician, X-ray * Technologist, Food * Technologist, Forest Products * Technologist, Hematology * Technologist, Medical * Technologist, X-ray * Translator, Scientific Documents * Water Resources Specialist

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Q: What kind of jobs are available in the field of Chemistry?
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