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lawn mowing, cleaning peoples windows, taking out there trash,things like that. i was really suprised at the things people would pay young kids to do just so they don't have to. mostly oler people. i used to sell GRIT magazines. i think they are still around. good luck. glad to see someone not to lazy to work for their money. Different states and countries have different child labor laws, but in most Western countries you must be at least 14 years of age to hold most "regular" jobs. * Babysitting * Babywatching, where you entertain the child to give parents the opportunity to get tasks done around the house (cleaning, taxes, or anything else) that they have a rough time taking care of while dealing with a child * Walking dogs or pet sitting * Lawn care, e.g. mowing lawns or raking leaves (a lot of people despise even having to water their lawns. * Going to the shops for the elderly * Cleaning jobs for friends, family, and neighbors, such as tidying garages or washing windows. * Car washing, i.e. cleaning cars, vans, lorries, etc * Paper rounds/routes * Selling household items, i.e. yard or garage sales * If you have any outstanding skills, then definitely put them to work. For example, if you play an instrument well, give music lessons. If you're really good at Math, Science, English, or any other school subject, then tutor kids of a lower grade level. If you're really good at building websites, then offer your services to new businesses (As one FAQ Farmer attests, "I built a website for a local golf course and made big bucks when I was twelve, and HTML is really simple to learn.") * If you're the arts-and-crafts type, then find a craft you really enjoy making, and then sell them. Anything from making greeting cards (in which case, take advantage of the season: make Christmas cards at Christmas, Valentine Cards at Valentine's Day, etc), to making pillows, potholders, jewelry, and everything in between. People really love handmade things. * Sell lemonade * Think about creative ideas, such as cooking for seniors, or opening a mini arcade. * Volunteer community service, such as helping the elderly. * Ask around at local businesses. For example, sweeping up hair in a hair salon or picking up phones in a shop. * Caddy at a golf course menu boy If you are really good at doing hair like scalp braiding or twisties or something you could have people pay you to do their hair An employer could not legally hire you until you are 14, however, you can mow lawns and babysit or do other odd jobs. You just cant work for an employer or business (at least not legally). It depends on the location, and the actual job. In Canada, (s)he must be at least 16 in order to work for a registered business. If (s)he is working for someone private, then age restrictions may be waived depending on the private employer's requirements.

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Q: What kind of jobs can a 12-year-old get?
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