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There are many jobs available for convicted felons in Alabama. Most warehouses and auto shops hire felons. There are also programs available to help felons better their lives.

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Q: What kind of jobs can convicted felons get in Alabama?
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Can convicted felons be a trustee in Florida?

What kind of "trustee?" "Trustee" for WHAT?

What kind of jobs can convicted felons get in Pennsylvania?

A convicted felon has a tough time when it comes to employment unless the person knows somebody that can help them out. I have a job only because they didnt check my record but it not a decent paying job.

What employers are willing to hire felons in Mobile Alabama?

Construction Jobs would be willing because it is tons of it going on along the gulf coast. I recently was with construction and have got a taste of the kind of people on them. Most of them are past felons or have done something wrong before in their lives.

Can a convicted felon inherit under Alabama?

Rules of inheritance aren't any different for felons than they are for anyone else. The only difference is that a felon may not inherit a firearm of any kind, and the sentence must be fully served before the inheritance is paid out.

Can felons become emt in Oregon?

It all depends on the felony you were convicted of and your history since than. Its really a case by case kind of issue.

Can a federal agent associate with convicted felons?

There's no law against it although their individual agencies may have some kind of internal rule or policy that addresses it.

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Can felons buy riffles shotguns?

No. Felons are prohibited from owning ANY KIND of firearm, including black powder arms.

Can convicted felons get a career in computer science?

Many people in computer related industries are in deed convicted felons. They usually work as freelancers. Offering such services as networking, computer repair, virus removal, upgrades, wed design, cabling, and so on. I know this convicted felon who got fired from Home Depot for failing to disclose his conviction after a background check for promotion. He started to cut lawns. His brother who works for Seagate Technology convinced him to start a computer service business. You see when people call someone for service they do so because they know little thats why they need help of someone who does know. So anyone can go into the computer network service business since there is no regulation or certification of any kind required. This includes convicted felons.

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In the U.S. felons cannot have firearms.

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You can submit a petition/motion to the court asking that your rights be restored. (WHAT 'RIGHTS' ARE YOU REFERRING TO?) If it is owning a firearm, forget it. Convicted felons may not EVER own or possess a firearm. (Federal Code, USC, Title 18.)

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