What kind of juice cleans pennies best research?


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lemon juice

Lemon acid/juice

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Grape juice is not the best choice for cleaning pennies. Lemon juice cleans pennies best due to its acidity.

What is the hypothesis to which kind of juice cleans a penny best

Lemon cleans pennies the best because of the acid in the juice.

lemon juice, because it has antioxidense!>*^#$

no. The thing that cleans pennies the best is chicken broth! imagine that!

i have to do a science project on that. i say orange juice

Because apple juice is a type of acid, therefore it cleans well.

clean pennies pick 3 liquids and see what liquid cleans pennies the best.[orange juice, vinegar, and pickle juice for example].

Lemon or Lime juice I'd imagine. It's a fact though that coca cola has an amazing ability to strip the dirt off of pennies

I would assume that lemon juice does because it is used as a multipurpose cleaner but I do know that vinegar and salt solution cleans them up and makes them very shiny.

Probably some student's science fair blog. Search it on Google. Frankly, I don't think any serious research has been done on that topic.

orange... couse it is more acidy than crandberry answer.....ORANGE.......


I use Lemon juice to clean pennys it work out great! Lemon juice has a lot of acid so it is reasonable for lemon juice to clean pennys best. Hope this answer helps you! Your friend/answer person XXFKXX

orange works better because it has more citric acids than apple juice does, all the apple juice will do is make the penny stickier.

step 1:have cups for the juicestep 2:pour the juice in the cups, pour juice half waystep 3:drop in pennies that are dirtystep 4:leave pennies for a while like 20-30 minutes to let chemicals come togetherstep 5:take out the pennies and compare them to see which is cleanerstep 6:you have completed the procedure

yes , apple juice CAN clean a dirty penny. I have done an experiment. Apple Juice cleans pennies the best. At least out of Apple Juice , Grape Juice , and Orange Juice. A little bit of ketchup instead works even better yet.

what materital clean pennies better

neither just melt the pennies then make a new one :)

Orange juice would clean pennies best. This is because it is acidic. Apple, and grape juice will not work as well.

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