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Q: What kind of knowledge do fill in the blank questions test?
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What are the different kind of questions?

1. True or False 2. Definition 3. Fill in the Blank 4. Multiple choice

Fill in the blank for the name of the film Close Encounters of the Kind?


What is the example of one kind of test?

Multiple choice is an example of one kind of test. Another type of test is fill in the blank or essay. An essay test, requires more knowledge and more writing than a multiple choice test.

What are the kind of questions that are called knowledge?

about how many people are in the world

Where do you get the knowledge to answer all these questions?

WikiAnswers has the collective knowledge of every person on the internet who is kind enough to answer another persons question. We have Millions of answered questions so think of all the good will being focused your way.

Is a kind of that refers to a substance abillity?

blank is a kind if blank that refers to a substance's ability to burn

How could you fill in the blanks for math?

The answer depends on the kind of questions which have blanks. Different types of question requires different methods.

Blank is a kind of blank that refers to a substance's ability to burn?

its combustibility and reactivity

What kind of questions are asked during a deposition for sexual harassment?

Deposition questions include the background of the perpetrator, employment history, knowledge about the sexual harassment law and knowledge of the company policies. The plaintiff's job performance will also be asked, and the work relationship with the plaintiff.?æ

What kind of documentation do you fill as an AIN?

what kind of documentation do you fill in as an A.I.N (e.g bowel charts)

What kind of structure is a ankle?

the ankle is a blank structure

What kind of knowledge must this rabbi?

Jewish knowledge