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That's a bit difficult to answer, but the fastest growing legal field is in Intellectual Property, where the "new kid on the block" can obtain a starting salary of $90,000 +. The average yearly salary for a lawyer in general practice is $62,000 to $65,000. The vast majority of attorneys do not make the enormous sums that is generally assumed. Like the majority of professionals they choose to practice law because it is what they love doing, not because they desire wealth and prestige.

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Q: What kind of lawyer earns the most money in south africa?
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How much money do bank CEO earns in south Africa?

6 million per annum

How much money does a lawyer earn a month in south Africa?

13,000 to 16,000

How much money does a diplomat earn in South Africa?

Although the pay scale of a diplomat in South Africa is hidden. One can not quote the exact figures. However; a diplomat earns around $100,000 in South Africa.

How much money do lawyer earn per year in south africa?

130,000,00 to 180,000,00

How much does a computer systems engineer earns in South Africa?


How much does a sound engineer earns in south Africa?

Next to nothing.

Where can you study or train to become a lawyer in south africa?

where do you study or train to be a lawyer

How much years do you get to be a lawyer?

in south africa its normally 4 years but if u got money maybe 1 to 1 and a half

Where is money gram South Africa?

no money gran in africa

When did Gandhi become a lawyer?

In 1891 become lawyer in South Africa then went back to India

How much does a wildlife ranger earns in one month in south Africa?

1 million

Where would one study to be a lawyer in South Africa?


Who is the first black lawyer in South Africa?

Pixley ka Isaka Seme

What is the salary of a commercial lawyer in south Africa?

R300 000 p/a

How much does an operations manager make?

how much does an operations manager earns pa on average in south africa?

How much money does assistant designers in South Africa get paid?

They get paid a real nice sum of money, designing in africa is a nice way to earn money let alone South Africa.

What kind of money do they use in Newcastle South Africa?

Newcastle, South Africa, uses the South African Rand.

How much radiologist earn per month in south Africa?

How much a radiologist earns in South Africa depends greatly on the area, the hospital, and the tenure of the employee. Salaries range from R100,000 to R300,000.

How much does a medical officer earn per month in south Africa?

A medical officer in South Africa earns an average of 497,300 rupees per year. That is US $675 per month.

How much money does a firefighter in South Africa make?

How much do firefighters earn in South Africa

How much does a judge earn per month in south Africa?

A judge earns R60 000 a month in SA

What kind of money does South Africa have?

South African Rand.

What does south Africa call money?

The South African Rand.

How much does a registered nurse earn in south Africa?

A registered nurse in South Africa earns around R155 557 per year. Salaries may vary depending on where you work and how much experience you have.

Why did Gandhi stay in South Africa for twenty years?

because his work was there and he became the first colored lawyer. but some white south Africa people were being racist to him.