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Q: What kind of life insurance starts out as temporary coverage but can be later be modified to permanent coverage without evidence of insurability?
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What is guaranteed insurability?

Guaranteed Insurability refers to a person who is insured on a life insurance policy. Guaranteed Insurability guarantees the insured person to purchase additional life insurance coverage without having to take a physical examination or showing any other evidence of insurability. Additional life insurance coverage may be purchased at a stated time in the future. Some life insurance policies offer the opportunity to purchase additional guaranteed life insurance coverage on certain anniversary dates of their life insurance policy, such as, every fifth year of the policy up to a maximum age of 40, 45, or 50. In addition, the insured person may be able to purchase additional guaranteed life insurance coverage upon the birth of a child in the insured's family.

If I am disabled can I have guaranteed insurability life insurance?

You may be able to find this type of coverage but it will be very exspensive. You should speak with an insurance specialist.

Can you get car insurance of you have no car but rent cars frequently?

Some insurance agencies will let you get a sort of temporary coverage, but I'm pretty sure you can't get permanent car insurance for a car you don't own yourself.

How do you find short term medical insurance coverage for approximately 6 months until medicare kicks in?

It depends on the insurance company, and whether or not they offer temporary coverage. The temporary coverage may also have age restrictions. If you are turning 65 and going on Medicare, you may qualify for their temporary coverage. BlueCross BlueShield of Florida offers temporary coverage up to age 65.

What are the benefits of trade car insurance?

Trade Car insurance will provide you coverage when you are between automobiles, and is only a temporary coverage, not to be confused with regular auto insurance.

Where can someone go to obtain temporary health insurance coverage?

Temporary health insurance coverage can be needed for a few different reasons. One of the most common reasons is losing a job. When you lose a job you can always apply for COBRA coverage.

What kind of insurance is Fortis temporary health insurance?

Fortis temporary health insurance is now called Assurant Health. It is health insurance intended to provide coverage to individuals who only need insurance for a short while and do not wish to pay a lot of money out of pocket for coverage, for example those between jobs.

What options, if any, are there for temporary car insurance in Georgia?

Dunwoody and Alpharetta both will have temporary automobile insurance in and around Georgia, perfect for your cousin! They have reasonable rates and good coverage.

How is temp insurance defined in a small company?

Temporary insurance offers coverage for a short period of time, often twelve months or less. This short term insurance often has limited coverage compared to other plans.

Group term life insurance definition?

Group term life insurance is a one year coverage that is renewable at the end of each year. The group plan is subject to experience rating, so the premium rate upon renewal is based on such factors as the loss record (death) of the group and range of employee ages. All employees are insured with group term life insurance. Realistically, coverage is temporary because on termination of employment the employee usually does not convert the group term coverage to individual permanent life insurance, because the conversion is at a higher attained age rate. And, the permanent life insurance costs much more than group term insurance.

Where can you find information about temp cover?

Temp cover most ofter refers to temporary car insurance. There are many insurers who offer temporary coverage, which generally is insurance for anywhere between 1 and 28 days. If you are interested in temp coverage and your insurer does not offer it, you can check online as there are many companies that specialize in this type of coverage.

Save Money with Temporary Auto Insurance?

In many cases, an individual may not drive often enough to get permanent car insurance. If you have been paying for insurance each month and you do not even drive, you may want to consider the many benefits of temporary coverage. Most car insurance companies will have temporary coverage available if you only ask for it. This insurance is great for individuals who do not drive often, but need insurance to travel or to just get to one area on a specific day. In fact, this type of coverage is very similar to rental car insurance and often costs the same. As with any type of insurance coverage, it is a good idea to shop around to find the company that is right for you. Some companies overcharge for their policies, so it really does pay off to look around before you actually make the decision to go with any one company. You will be shocked to see just how different each company can be. With the right company, you may only have to pay a few dollars each day to have the temporary insurance. Also, you can remove and add the insurance whenever you want to drive. One great use for temporary insurance is for elderly individuals who do not drive often enough. If you are in this category, you can easily get temporary car insurance and put it on your vehicle whenever you need to go into town or travel short distances. You will notice that most of this insurance is quite affordable because you are only paying for it by the day. Because of this, you will easily be able to save yourself hundreds of dollars a year by getting rid of your permanent coverage and solely going with a policy that is completely temporary in all aspects. If you are confused as to how temporary insurance works, you can speak with an insurance agent online or in a local office. This professional will help to set up your policy so that you are able to save money but still drive all around town whenever you want to. There is simply no reason to pay the high prices of permanent car insurance if you do not drive often enough. By getting a good temporary plan, you are able to save a lot of money on your policy whenever you put it into effect by a reputable company.