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There is usually a large circular magnet in speakers. When an electricial current is put through the speaker cone at a certain frequency it makes the magnetic fields around the magnet change. The cone is connected to the diaphragm of the speaker which vibrates, pushing the air, creating sound waves.

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Magnets can distort the sound of the speaker but it shouldn't permanently affect the sound. This is because there are two magnets inside the speaker, both having a negative charge (repels) which creates vibrations. The vibrations travel through the wires into the cone of the speaker from which the sound comes out. Putting another magnet close to the speaker disrupts the charge of the two magnets inside the speaker, thus distorting the sound.

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Yes i does. at the centre of the speaker - is a magnet surrounded by a coil of wire. Changes in the strength of the current in the coil - causes the magnet to vibrate. This is amplified by the cone of the speaker - and we hear those vibrations as sound.

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Yes, magnets are a component of every woofer, midrange and tweeter in traditional stereo speakers. They should therefore be kept away from magnetic media like cassettes.

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Studio monitor speakers do in fact have magnets in them. Speakers have magnets in order to change the electronic magnetic signal from an amplifier into sound waves.

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Q: What kind of magnets are in speakers?
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