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You can purchase almost any mobile phone on eBay. There are Verizon flip phones, Samsung phones, Motorola, iPhones, and many, many more types of phones on eBay.

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Q: What kind of mobile phones can one purchase off of eBay?
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What kind of phones are available on buy on eBay?

There are lots of phones that someone can purchase on eBay. Just about any type of phone imaginable can be found. Some one can purchase vintage pay phones, and phones with cartoon characters. Someone can even purchase cell phones or any type of smart phone ever made. Also there are accessories for these phones available as well.

What kind of phones will kingdom hearts coded be released for?

mobile phones

Can you buy pre paid virgin mobile phones?

Virgin mobile does offer prepaid mobile phones. you can choose certain phones and they offer different kind of prepaid plans to choose from. you decide what you want they dont choose it for you.

Ok well i don't like the kind of phones boost mobile has to offer so can i buy any phone off eBay and use the sim card from my boost mobile phone in that one and still get all the same stuff?

no. boost sim cards only work in boost phones.

Where can I go to sell several 4g mobile phones?

If you would like to sell your mobile phones via internet, there are many websites and corporations that allow people from all over the world to auction off or sell items of any kind. eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist are all very popular places and it would be very easy to sell your phones there.

Which cell towers do 02 mobile phones use?

Mobile phones use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range. However, specifically 02 mobile phones would have to be researched in order to determine exactly what kind of phone it was and what tower it associated with if any.

What kind of phone was invented after the mobile phones?

Smartphones learn to use this from-:i-softinc

What kind of problems occur when mobile phones was not invented?

woldt be able to call anyone

What kind of radiation is used by mobile phones?

Electromagnetic radiation, in the microwave portion of the radio spectrum.

What kind of cell phones do you have?

i have a purple razor. i have a samson I have a T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide

How much would one expect to get paid for recycling their old mobile phones?

The amount one gets paid for recycling their old mobile phone depends on what kind of phone it is. Mobile phones worth $600 get paid around $100 while phones worth $200 only get paid $30.

What kind of mobile phones can be purchased at Motorola?

Motorola is a very big mobile company. It manufactures many mobile phones and is very popular. It was very popular in the 20s with its top of the range Motorola Razer but slowly lost popularity when smartphones were introduced.