What kind of noun is men's?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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The noun 'men' is a plural, common, concrete noun; a word for a person.

The singular form of the noun is 'man'.

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Q: What kind of noun is men's?
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What is 'mens rea' in English?

Mens translates to "the mind" in Latin, and rea is the female nominative form of the Latin term reum "guilty," "defendant," or "accused."Therefore, mens rea = "guilty mind."

What is the concrete noun for kind?

The noun 'kind' is an abstract noun. There is no form for kind that is a concrete noun.

What is one kind of mens basketball shoe?


What kind of mens pants are best for duck hunting in?

The best kind of mens pants for duck hunting is Drake EST Waterproof Hunting Pants. You can buy them at

Is mens plans a correct example of the plural possessive case?

No, the word "mens" is an incorrect form.The plural noun is "men". The plural possessive form is men's.

What abstract noun from kind?

The noun 'kind' is an abstact noun as a word for a type or class. The abstract noun form of the adjective "kind" is "kindness".

What kind of noun is ravenous?

It's no kind of noun it is an adjective. The noun is ravenousness.

What abstract noun can you make from kind?

The the noun 'kind' is an abstract noun as a word for type or class; having similar characteristics.The abstract noun for kind is kindness.

What is the noun of kind?

The word 'kind' is both an adjective and a noun. The noun kind, a singular, common, abstract noun is a word for a group of individuals or instances sharing common traits; a category.The noun forms for the adjective kind are kindness and kindliness.

What kind of mens work did women do while their husbands were off in the war?

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What kind of noun is your?

It isn’t a noun at all. Replaces a noun.

What kind of noun is storm?

A common noun