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Q: What kind of noun would day be?
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What kind of a noun would the word person be?

It is a common noun.

What kind of noun is valentine?

The noun valentine is a singular, common noun. The valentine that is your sweetheart is an abstract noun; the valentine that is a greeting card is a concrete noun. The day called Valentine's Day is a proper noun, the name of a specifically designated day.

What would the plural noun be for day?

The plural form for the noun day is days.

What kind of noun is Thursday?

The noun Thursday is a singular, proper, abstract noun; the name of a specific day of the week. A proper noun is the name of a person, place, or thing; Thursday is the name of a day.

What is the common noun for Sunday?

The common noun for Sunday is day.

Is throughout an abstract noun?

I would say it ¡s not any kind of noun.

What kind of noun is afternoon?

The noun 'afternoon' is a singular, common, abstract compound noun; a word for a period in a day; a word for a thing.

Is the word Sunday proper noun or common noun?

It is a proper noun, as a Sunday is a specific day. Day would be a common noun, but Sunday or Sundays, its plural form, is a proper noun.

What is the concrete noun for kind?

The noun 'kind' is an abstract noun. There is no form for kind that is a concrete noun.

What kind of noun would happiness be?

Happiness is a common, abstract, uncountable noun; a word for an emotion.

What kind of word would you use to replace a noun?


What kind of noun is the word year?

The noun 'years' is a plural, common, abstract noun, the plural form of the singular noun 'year'; a word for a 365 day period; a word for a thing.