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Degas was most famous for his painting of Ballet and of dance. He also began his career painting portraits, though. Some of his other works include portraits, sketches of women, sculptures (mostly of dancers and ballerinas), and some landscapes.

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What kind of paintings Diego Rivera paint?

Diego Rivera used to paint frescoes (mural paintings).

What kind of paintings did Salvador Dali paint?

He painted surrealistic paintings.

What kind of media did Edgar Degas use?

Oil painting, pastel, smal-scale sculpture (wax to bronze).

Edgar Degas what kind of techniqes did he like doing in painting?

He used bright colors and focused on light, much like the Impressionists of his time.

What kind of paintings did Vincent Van Gogh paint?

oil paintings and water colours he also sketched using charcoal

What kind of paintings did Dante ailighieri paint?

dante painted the painting of your mom

What type of paint did Vincent van Gogh use to paint with?

The usual kind of oil paint.He made oil paintings. His subjects were taken from the world around him.He made oil paintings. His subjects were taken from the world around him.

What kind of paintings did Sandro Botticelli paint?

Click link below and see for yourself!

What kind of art did Leonardo da Vinci paint?

he painted chiaroscuro and sfumatod paintings(:

What style of painting did Winslow Homer paint?

Winslow Homer's paintings are a kind of Realism.

What kind of painting did Claude Monet paint?

He has done many paintings. Here are some kinds he did.

What kind of paintings did Mark Rothko paint?

Click link below to see some of his works!

What kind of paintings did van gogh usually paint?

Things around him: people, landscapes, rooms, ...

What kind of major art work did Edgar Degas do?

He is famous for his studies of ballet dancers in rehearsal and on stage.Several portraits of his relatives, best known is The Bellelli Family.

In the painting Waterlilies what what kind of paint did Claude Monet use?

Claude Monet did a whole series of waterlily paintings and they are all done with oil paint.

What kind of paint did Grandma Moses use?

When she got started she made oil paintings (Usually on board).

What kind of paintings did Georgia O' Keeffe paint?

flowers, rocks, shells, animal bones, and landscapes (Abstract)

What kind of paintings did Charles M Russell paint?

His paintings were usually Western themed, and are notable for being exceptionally realistic. Several of his more popular projects were painted in oil and watercolor.

What kind of paintings did Hundertwasser do?

paintings that were in the imagination of a child

What kind of paint can be used in paint sprayers?

Most types of paint can be used in a paint sprayer of some kind.

What kind of paint does o'kneefe use?

what kind of paint does O'Keeffe use

What kind of paint can be used to paint a Tiffany lamp?

what kind of paint do I use to paint over already painted tiffany lamp

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