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Q: What kind of pills can you take while pregnant?
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What kind of anti-depression pills can you take while pregnant?

ask your doctor

Is it bad to skip the white pills while taking trinessa?

The while pills on Trinessa are active pills that prevent pregnancy. If you don't take the active pills, you could get pregnant.

Can you take any kind of aspirin while pregnant?

According to my Obstetrician you can take Tylenol or Ibuprophen while pregnant.

What kind of pills should i take if im already pregnant?

none-ask your health adviser.

Is it possible to get pregnant several days after finishing sugar pills and on new pack of birth control pills but yet no period while on the sugar pills?

If you didn't get your period, you should take a home test or go see a doctor. You may be pregnant. If this is your first month or two on this kind of pill, you may need to go to the doctor and get a new kind. It may not be the correct dose for you.

If you take feritlity pills when you can get pregnant will you still increase your chance of having multiples?

if i take a fertility pills when i got pregnant/

Do you have to take the green pills if trying to get pregnant?

You should not take any birth control pills if you're trying to get pregnant.

How long little blood comes before pregnant?

Can you take birth control pills and still be pregnant Can you take birth control pills and still be pregnant

Can you still take birth control while trying to get pregnant?

That would be foolish. Birth control pills prevent pregnancy.

What kind of diet pills can you take while breastfeeding?

I never pregnant, but I remember most people said that pills are not good for baby, so I think I will never take pills unless seriously ill.

Can you take a half of a 7.5 mg loratab while pregnant?

While pregnant you should only take medicines (of any kind) that have bee prescribed for you by a medical practitioner (a doctor) who is fully aware that you are pregnant.

If a women take prenatal pills and not pregnant will she symptoms as if she pregnant?

She might express symptoms while not actually being pregnant. But it means something physical might be going on that a doctor should look at.