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Why do people worldwide feel the need to put their faith in religion, is there a higher purpose for us, is it morally right to experiment ect. on animals, is there a grand design, do ghosts exist, why have humans developed as a species so much faster than all others, what dictates social morals... The list is endless.

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Q: What kind of questions cant science answer?
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What kind of questions can science anwser?

Testable questions.

Why cant science answer questions about distance?

It can if you state the question clearly.

What kind of questions can science ask?


What are the science questions?

Science questions are science questions.

Dont know what kind of mollusks are ecofriendly?

oranges....i cant find the answer to these questions

What kind of questions can science answere?

Science can answer questions about our physical world.

What kind of science questions should be on a basic Allied health science test?

Something about cells, our body, about animals, about plants, about the parts of anything.

How do you repair sun damaged in eyes?

if the retina is damaged - medical science cant repair that kind of damage

Why science answer some questions but not others?

Science answers testable questions, some questions are not testable.

What type of questions can science not answer?

Science is concerned with objective reality, therefore it does not answer subjective questions, vaguely worded questions, or meaningless questions.

What is a claim that cant be tested?


What cant science do?

science cant tell that which one of these came first an egg or a hen..... lol