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Q: What kind of questions do employers ask during a job interview?
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Should an interviewee ask questions during the interview What kind of questions are appropriate What questions are not appropriate?

What are the salary and benefits of the job?

Should you carry your list of questions for the employer on you during the interview?

depends of what kind of personality you have

What kind of questions are asked in a job interview?

mostly questions about you and experience

How is the phone interview at Bank of America.... What kind of questions do they ask?

The phone interview for Bank of America is different for each person. Some things they may ask is about previous employers, work experience, and details about your personal life.

What kind of questions do you ask someone on an interview about your life?

how big is it?

Motivation for this job?

Employers would want to observe a very important aspect of a prospective employee - how self motivated is he/she? During the job interview process, the interviewer will not only check whether the person has the required skills and work culture to fit in well with the company, they will also try to observe whether the person has the self motivation to sustain in a job and to ensure that the person delivers his/her best in the job. To find this out, the interviewer normally asks some kind of motivational questions - these types of interview questions are called motivational or motivation job interview questions.

What kind of questions ask in c1d type us visa interview?

You can Check out the Various C1D Interview questions along with answers here :

What kind of questions can you expect in a job interview for a safety officer interview?

Hazard identification,hira,scaffolding,confinedspace,safety inspection,

What kind of questions will be asked in a MBTA job interview?

dang man wish there were some ansewer up here, going for an interview tomorrow

How do you answer the questions in a job interview?

It dependes on what kind of questions you get asked. You should make sure you look at the job advert before the interview to make sure you can work out what the employer will be looking for in terms of skills and competencies. In preparation for the interview you should:work out examples of where you have shown the skills and competencies they are looking formake sure you practice your answersrehearse being able to run through your CV in 4 minutesIn the links below are free guides to how to answer competency based questions, a list of common interview questions and how to answer difficult interview questions.

What kind of questions will i be asked during my job interview for a teller position?

The 'usual' questions would be about your employment history, academic qualifications, criminal record and preferred hours. Each business is different - and the expectations of the position will vary to fit the business.

What kind of questions will be Asked in a on the job interview for a ojt in hotel?

What are the three major characteristics that you bring to the job

What kind of questions will be asked in DAAD scholarship interview when applying for Master's Degree?

The kind of questions that you will be asked in a DAAD scholarship interview when applying for a Master's Degree are likely to be very general. You will probably be asked to elaborate on the field you are specializing in as well as any future plans you may have.

What kind of language is most appropriate during an interview or workplace meeting?

Formal language

What is a selection interview?

A selection interview is part of the hiring process by which employers screen potential candidates for a job position by recognizing who of them really are interested in the job and who aren't. The main purpose of this kind of interview is to give the candidate information about the job and the company and to assesses the prospect suitability for the position.

Sample answers to x-ray tech interview questions?

what kind of relevant experience do you have in the x-ray tech

What should you not do when interview someone?

You probably shoulden't ask them what kind of under garments they wear... ----------------------- In the United States you aren't allowed to ask age, martial status, ethnic origin, disability or health questions, military status questions, religious questions or questions that would provide that information. Many employers and interviewers find ways around those restrictions. Iinterviewers abuse these rules assuming the applicant will not refuse to answer the questions. One of the new questions is "when did you graduate from college ?:, a back door way of asking the age.

What kind of car does Dwight drive?

According to his statement during an interview in Dec 2012 it is a corvette.

How do you take an interview of a child labor?

just ask some questions like..What kind of work do you do?What is your dream?Where do u work?etc

What kind of car does Dwight Yoakam drive?

According to his statement during an interview in Dec 2012 it is a corvette.

I need to know the kind of questions i can be asked at an interview?

Do you mean what kind of question you might be asked, or what kind are legal/illegal for the interviewer to ask? Requirements can vary by state, though Federal law supercedes.

What are the questions in job interview?

Depends on what kind of work this job interview is for. Most questions may relate to what experience you have had in the field for which you are applying. Interviews are not just always about work experience - they are a "meeting of the minds", you might say ... the employer engages in some chit chat with you and may watch your body movements or the eyes during questioning. It's there chance to get to know you a little better, and based upon how you present yourself (grooming, what you wear, cleanliness, etc) could determine if you are the fit they are seeking for this job. ============================ The best way to reduce the stress is to be prepared. Take the time to review the "standard" interview questions you will most likely be asked. Also review sample answers to these typical interview questions. Then take the time to research the company. That way you'll be ready with knowledgeable answers for the job interview questions that specifically relate to the company you are interviewing with.

In an interview how should you answer the question What kind of people annoy you?

In an interview how should you answer , what kind of people annoy you ?

What kind of questions to ask in an interview of a new library?

You can ask what year and what time did you build this community library.... and how old is this now. May i take some notes?

How to face an interview?

You didn't mention what kind of interview. If it's a job interview, you need to go into it with confidence. You can accomplish that by as learning as much about the prospective employer as you can; as much about the position as you can; and reviewing the positive things about yourself and your abilities for this job. Do this the day before the interview, writing these things down will help you remember them more easily. Then you can go to the interview with confidence and will be able to ask question about what you don't know or don't understand with confidence. If it is another kind of interview, all the same principles apply; be prepared, go with confidence, ask questions when needed.