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Q: What kind of relationship did Mr and Mrs loisel have?
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Where did Mr. Loisel work?

Mr. Loisel worked as a clerk at the Ministry of Education.

What term best describes the relationship between Mr and Mrs fitzwilliam and Mr and Mrs gardiner?

The term that best describes the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam and Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner is "extended family." Mrs. Fitzwilliam is the sister of Mr. Gardiner and they share a family bond through their siblings' marriage.

What is correct Mr and Mrs graciously accept or graciously accepts?

If it's a reply to a wedding intivation, one traditionally writes in longhand, with these line breaks (I hope they come thru) Mr. and Mrs. Jones accept with pleasure the kind invitation of Mr. and Mrs. Smith To decline an invitation, Mr. and Mrs. Jones regret exceedingly the kind invitation of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

What kind of word is Mrs or Mr?

They are both nouns

What genre is the book Mr and Mrs Smith?

The book "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" by Melanie Marchande falls into the romance genre. It focuses on the relationship between the two main characters, Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith.

Mr and mrs or Mr and Mrs?

Mr and Mrs

Mr or Mrs correct or Mrs or Mr is correct?

Mr and Mrs is correct or Mrs and Mr is correct

What kind of agent was Angelina Jolie in mr and mrs smith?

an assassin

What kind of toys are Mr and Mrs Potato Heads children?


Should it be Mrs and Mr Or Mr and Mrs?

Mr. and Mrs. (ex. "Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Evans" instead of "Hello, Mrs. and Mr. Evans")

Mr. and mrs. Smith or mrs. and mr. Smith?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

What did Mr Murdstone portray himself as before marrying Mrs Copperfield?