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Q: What kind of rock make the continents?
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What kind of rock does silt make?

It makes a metamorphic rock.

Why do continents float high relative to the ocean basin?

The continents are thicker and less dense than the materials that make up the ocean basins.

What kind of rocks make up red rock crops?

there is no kind a red rock crop is a plant

What rocks make up the continent floor?

The continental plate, which is made of granite rock, makes up the continents.

Where would you be most likely to find granite in earths mantle or earths continents?

you will find it in earths mantle because it is a kind of an igneous rock

What fractured rock layer is found at the edge of continents?

The answer is fault. It's the edge of continents.

Plates and continents are made mostly of?


The rock beneath the continents is made of?


What rock makes up most of the earth's continents?

Granitic igneous rock.

What kind of elements make the world?

mainly rock and dirt

What kind of rock do you use to make a bridge?

stone and granite

What kind of sedimentary rock can be used to make energy?