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A reptilologist

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Q: What kind of scienctist studies riptiles?
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How do aligators move?

aligators move on there tummies becaus they are riptiles

What kind of jobs does the Arctic lowlands have?

looking for and discovreing stuff down there, a scienctist

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why do

Have you spelled scienctist right?


What do scienctist use to understand how systems work?

Scienctist use experimentation through the scientific method and models to understand how systems work.

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Frankinstien doesn't exist.

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a scienctist

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A mineralogist studies minerals.

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An ecologist studies pollution

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The kind of scientist who studies Urology would be a Biologist, since Urology concerns a biological function (urination). If you mean the kind of doctor who studies Urology, that would be a Urologist.

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