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covered seeds

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Q: What kind of seeds do angiosperms produce?
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Angiosperms produce seeds inside protective structures called?

Angiosperms produce seeds in layers of tissue called fruit.

Do angiosperms produce seeds?


Angiosperms produce seeds in?


What is true about angiosperms?

they produce seeds

Angiosperms produce seeds inside protective structures called what?

Angiosperms produce seeds inside a protective structure called a cone.

Do plants produce seeds?

Angiosperms and gymnosperm plant types both produce seeds

Are eucalyptus angiosperms?

Angiosperms are seed producing plants Eucalypts produce seeds.

Do angiosperms produce flowers and seeds?


What are the similarities between gymnosperms and angiosperms?

they produce seeds

What are plants that produce seeds with a protective covering?

its not really a plant but angiosperms and they usually produce their seeds in flowers

Do vascular plants produce seeds and fruit?

All vascular plants do not produce seeds and fruits, only angiosperms can do it.

What is the scientific name for plants that produce coveredprotected seeds?


What is the similarity between gymnosperms and angiosperms?

Both produce seeds

What types of plants produce seeds but no flowers or fruits?


Why do gymnosperms and angiosperms produce pollen and seeds?

Pollens in gymnosperms and angiosperms are produced for pollination and seeds are produced for occupying more areas through dispersal.

A plant that produces seeds are enclosed in a fruit?

Angiosperms are plants that produce seeds enclosed in a fruit.

What flowering seed plants produce seeds covered by fruit?


What are 2 groups of vascular plants that produce seeds?

Gymnosperms and Angiosperms

Where do you get seeds from in angiosperms?

seeds of angiosperms can be found in the fruit

Do coniferophyta have fruit?

No. They are cone-bearing gymnosperms. Angiosperms produce seeds enclosed by a fruit.

What types of plants are angiosperms?

Angiosperms are also called flowering plants or fruting plants, and they produce their seeds in enclosures - typically fruits or flowers.

What types of seeds are produced by the gymnosperms?

Gymnosperms produce "naked" seeds are they are not held in an ovary (like Angiosperms), but are produced in cones

What is the example of angiosperms?

Among the higher plants, are the Gymnosperms (naked seed), and the Angiosperms. Any flowering plant, such as a rose, apple, lily are angiosperms. In general, they produce seeds from an enclosed ovary.

What plants reproduce from seeds?

Plants that reproduce from seeds fall into two groups angiosperms and gymnosperms. They both produce seeds but the gymnosperms do not have flowers the seeds mature in cones.

What do angiosperms produce?

The plant angiosperms produce flowers