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it is named a red back spider

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i have the same spider living in my house! i think there cute, but i have not clue what type of spider it is! sorry

Yes the orange clear glas corningware can be used on the stove (I have the brown clear corningware)

spiders blood are clear

The spider in question is most likely a goldenrod spider. It is not actually clear, but can turn white or yellow depending on its environment. It has red dots on it's back and mainly lives in flower beds.

Orange juice is orange in color. It is not clear, liquid, and sometimes has small pieces of oranges in it.

rouge (red), blanc(che)(white), vert(green), noir(black), rose(pink), bleu(blue), orange(orange), jaune(yellow), claire(clear), gris(grey)

yes. in Ultimate Spider Man for DS in Multiplayer. clear 80% of it.

A crab spider they sit on plants (like daisies) and camoflauge and wait for a bee or something to land on it then they grab it and eat it

Orange flower water, or orange blossom water, is clear, perfumed by product of the distillation of fresh bitter orange blossom's for their essential oil.

White/clear to an orange/yellow powder.

What kind of spider has long dangling legs and a clear white body? it was dangling on one web and almost landed on my head. It was so creepy.

Only a few species are seriously poisonous to humans. There are these few spiders: black widow, African brown spider, bird spider, and if you ever see a spider with a violin shape on its back stay clear this spider can kill and is known for it. *Edit: The violin spider (or Brown Recluse, Loxosceles Reclusa, or Fiddleback spider) mentioned above is NOT deadly. It is difficult for doctors to diagnose spider bites, and the bite of this particular spider looks very similar to other serious conditions, so a lot of pictures/stories you see/hear about this spider being deadly are false. Though not deadly, this spider does cause very serious wounds and should be avoided. It is not aggressive.

panda bears are clear with black markings. did you know their fur is actually clear.

Like to clear my name from black listed

Not really, they are more of an orange color.

Depends on the law where YOU live- but it is a BAD idea everywhere. They are made clear, and/or with an orange tip, so that police officers know that it is NOT a real gun. Paint it black, and you may get to see a REAL gun. Very bad idea.

the clear stuff is a jelly substance that protects the tadpole wich is the black thing in the middle.

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