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It might be a barn spider.

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Look up a Brown Widow spider. that might be what you are looking for.

if the spider has a red hourglass on the bottom of the abdomen then its A black widow.

If the red color is in the shape of an hourglass it is a black widow.

Brown Widow Spiders. When the subject of dangerous spiders comes up, the average person usually thinks about the black widow spider. Their shiny black body with a prominent red hourglass marking on the underside of the abdomen is an image that readily comes to mind. Source:

it is just a house spider they are fast

it could be a brown widow or a black and white jumping spider

The only spider I have seen like this was a common sight in Kimberley South Africa. We called it a button spider because its back look like a button. It was not a black widow and it was not orange and did not have the hourglass marking that is common with the black or brown widow - also called the button spider.

Steatoda triangulosa -- this is not a black widow. A black widow is identified by a red hourglass on its underside.

a red back looks almost the same. But doesnt have an hourglass shape. It has a red stripe on top of its abdomen.

It sounds as if you've got a brown widow. The hourglass marking is orange in color. The body may appear black, but next to a true black spider, one will notice the lighter contrast. It is venomous and can leave a painful bite.

Shiny black? With a thick looking X (hourglass shape) on it's belly? A black widow!!!

what kind of spider is this and is it dangerous to people who are pregant

The spider that is black with a white crescent on its back is the Brown House Spider. This spider is often confused with the red-back spider.

A brown spider with a black cross on its belly may be a common house or garden spider. It may also be one of the many varieties of orb weavers.

brown reclusefalse black widowwolf spidercave tooth spider

saw one in pa. trying to find anwser myself too.

The spider you're referring to may possibly be a relative of the black widow, known as the brown widow.

What kind of spider has brown body and black round head and one half inch long?