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Suspension systems use both coil springs, generally around a shock absorber, and leaf springs.

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Q: What kind of springs does a suspension system use?
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Why you not use leaf springs in place of helical springs in trains?

because these springs are long in length & more over less suspension system.

What is the use of suspension in mountain biking?

It is used to reduce the force of impact on your bike and body and instead places it on springs or air in your suspension.

What kind of materials do you use to make a suspension bridge that is kind of a toy?


How do you adjust 1964 Gmc pickup torsion bar suspension?

The 1964 GMC does not use torsion bars, in 4x4 applications it uses a leaf spring in the front. The 2wd uses coil springs. Both models use leaf springs in the rear, the Chevy version used what is called a truck arm suspension with coils in the rear.

What other lincolns can you use to change the air suspension to regular shocks in a 1995 Lincoln mark 8?

None but some people use the T-Bird springs and shocks.

In your opinion is it a good idea to convert the air suspension to coil springs all 4 corners if so any recommendation on which kit to use?

I like the air suspension myself but you can change the fronts and rears with springs and struts for around $400.00. There are a couple of people selling the replacements on E-Bay. They are fairly easy to change, can easily be done in an afternoon.

Does a 1990 Geo Prism have shocks?

No, it does not use a suspension. No, it does not use a suspension. No, it does not use a suspension.

Will shocks and coil springs from a 2006 Rubicon fit on a 2002 Sport model?

Yes the suspension is the same, they will fit. The springs have a higher rate and are therefore a little stiffer, as are the shocks. They will probably lift it a little due to the old spring being sagging from use.

How do you raise suspension on 2003 Pontiac Grand Am?

I suppose you could use higher springs on the struts in the front and different coil over shocks in the back but the ride is really going to suffer and possibly not be able to be aligned properly. Best off going to a shop that specializes in suspension parts and modifications. That is what they do.

What two tools would you use for an inspection of suspension and steering system?

A good floor jack and a flash light.

Problem with air suspension on a 1996 mark viii?

Replace the air springs , use a conversion kit and do all 4 corners also get new rear shocks. these folks I've used several times Replace all 4 corners and get a 4 wheel alignment. I would wait a few days after replacing the air springs to give a little time for the coil spring conversion to settle first. drl YOU CAN USE THE STRUTS AN SPRINGS FROM A 96 THUNDERBIRD V8 AND JUST USE THE INSTRUCTIONS FROM STRUT MASTERS JUST BOLT AN GO

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How can you use suspension in a sentence?

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Why is the rear lower than the front?

This needs a little more info. Do you have rear air suspension? If so, maybe there is a problem there. Also, after years of use, the coil springs start to sag. Mine did. You can replace the springs. The front is also a torsion bar suspension. These can be tightened to raise, or loosened to lower the front end some in either direction. This may affect the ride slightly, depending on how high or low you go with it. It may also require an alignment if you get too carried away with it.

Will any damage be caused to a vehicle if the air suspension is not repaired?

Yes. It's hard on the mounts and springs, and, if it causes your vehicle to sit at an abnormal angle, your drivetrain, as well. Which is why on semi trucks (which mostly use air ride suspensions anymore), getting an air suspension fault corrected is such a high priority.

How much oil should you put into Honda motorcycle front forks?

This is different for different models of Hondas, depending on the size of the forks and the size of the fork springs, the kind of terrain and riding style the bike is designed for is also taken into account. The information can be found in the owner's manual for the bike. If you don't have the manual then there is a rule of thumb that can be used. Fill the forks up but leave 110 mm from the top. If you use more than this, then the suspension will be stiffer. If less is used, then the suspension will be softer and perhaps too soft. Many riders use 10 W oil.

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Why does the air suspension light come on?

Hi, My 91 TC does the same thing, I had to replace the compressor and dryer once, but I believe that it has something to do with the relay in the fuse box by the battery, it's the big square looking gizmo, use the label under the lid for the correct relay, I replaced one, and it seemed to help, but my light still comes on. I have found a aftermarket suspension system for these Town Cars. It is a set of heavy duty replacement springs, which replace the bags. I intend to buy them, they are under $200.00 not counting installation. Many reviews on these parts say the can barely tell the difference, and it eliminates the pump system completely, just how, I'm not sure. I have a friend with limos having same probs, says he will replace bags with springs for me as soon as I get $$$ for parts! I don't know if this will help, but good luck! Michael

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