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science enginner or another carrear

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Science engenneer

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Q: What kind of subjects can you study in Harvard university?
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What kind of noun of Harvard University?

The noun Harvard University is a singular, proper, concrete noun; the name of a specific place.

What kind of subjects do people in Madagascar study in school?

They study subjects like. . . math reading writing spelling and history.

What kind of subjects did humanist study?

The humanist studied art, philosophic, and my wick.

What kind of student the university Harvard looking for?

One who knows basic grammar and has lots and lots of money.

What kind of university Michelle Jean study at?


What is da best law school to go to?

Harvard. Harvard? Not with that kind of English. ;)

Do many Jewish students study at Pacific University and is there an active Jewish Student Organization of any kind there?


What kind of people become surgeons?

this is a trick question anyone can become a surgeon if the study hard enough with certain subjects and they have become a doctor before they can become a surgeon.

What kind of science did Sally Ride studied?

Born on May 26, 1951, Sally Ride grew up in Los Angeles and went to Stanford University, where she was a double major in physics and English. Ride received bachelor's degrees in both subjects in 1973. She continued to study physics at the university, earning a master's degree in 1975 and a Ph.D. in 1978.

What kind of scholarships and or grants are offered at Harvard Law School?

that depends

How long do you have to be in Harvard to be an divorce lawyer?

You can be at Harvard all your adult life and not be a divorce lawyer. You need to pass the examinations at Harvard, or other school that offers law, and the bar examinations to be any kind of lawyer

What kind of subjects do they study in Italy?

they teach Italian and English language, math, science, literature, and basicly exactly the same things they teach in any other country.