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Legend has it Leprechauns hide their pot of gold at the end of rainbows.

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Do leprechauns like people?

kind of leprechauns aren't afraid of people they just don't like them.

Did Anubis ever hide tresures?

No, Anubis is a god of ancinet Egyptian religion, he did not hide treasure of any kind.

What kind of shoes do leprechauns where?

Black dress shoes with gold buckles on them.

How do you hide your relationship status on Facebook from certain people?

There's no way to hide your relationship status to specific people. The only option you would have if you didn't want someone to see would be to block that person which would be kind of rude.

Can you play Treasure Math Storm Online?

What kind of answer is this?

What kind of drugs do people take?

The people are stupid to think about drugs that are bad for health so run around in circles or hide in your pants. PRESTO!

Can you give some acrostic poem about being lucky?

Leprechauns are lucky Unsurprising Cause they are always full of luck for some people Kind of like that man mushroom hunting You know for mushroom soup

What do Leprechauns have to do with Saint Patrick's Day?

They are saints of Patrick. Patrick is an Irish belief. They also wore green and they kind of all got put together and got involved with each other. Now we have leprechauns apart of Saint Patrick's Day.

What kind of maternity bathing suit can I wear to hide my belly?

You can buy a one piece suit that will hide your belly.

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basketball tennis baseball machtyball soccer cod fishing hide and seek(olympics) rugby

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Well, my dog Riley likes to hide a lot during storms because he is afraid. But for other reasons it is kind of like he is playing "hide and go seek" with you!

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YOu kind of have to answer that for yourself because it may differ for various people. For me I would be fine with it but it would get a little claustrophobic

What kind of book did Marie mcswigan wrote?

She has written the book Snow Treasure.

What kind of treasure did the pirates take?

Anything of value to them, such as gold, rum, etc.

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