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the weather that cumulonimbus brings is thunderstorms


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Typically Cumulonimbus clouds bring the heaviest rain.

A cumulonimbus cloud brings thunderstorms, cloudy, and rainy weather.

These types of clouds can bring precipitation

Clouds that are dark on the bottom are likely cumulonimbus clouds. That word comes from cumulus and nimbus. Cumulus means light, or fluffy. They're the kind of clouds you look for shapes in. Nimbus means rain. So, fluffy rain clouds is a rough translation. Cumulonimbus clouds bring rain, and possibly a tornado if you live in that area. It might be a heavy rain or a harsh thunderstorm. Just get inside as fast as you can!

Cirrus clouds bring fair weather which is good for being out doors.

H20 is getting evaporated and it forms thick cumulonimbus clouds. there could be rain or thunderstorm. It is very hard to tell the weather.

Stratus clouds are low grey clouds which bring a drizzle.

thunderstorms and other intense weather. Cumulus humilis clouds, appearing as small or medium-sized puffy shapes in the sky, often occur in times of fair weather. However, cumulus clouds can grow into cumulonimbus clouds which may produce heavy rain, lightning, severe and strong winds, hail, and even tornadoes. Cumulus congestus clouds, which appear as relatively thin towers, will often grow into cumulonimbus storm clouds. Hope this helps

Cumulonimbus clouds have a large and tall horizontal appearance. They are capable of producing severe weather conditions such as thunderstorms and hailstones.

Stratocumulus clouds can bring fair weather and rain.

status clouds or cumulonimbus clouds

cumulus clouds can bring good or bad weather. if there is alot of convection, the cloud will grow taller and develope into cumulus congestus then to cumulonimbus. this brings thunderstorms. however, sometimes the air is very stable so cumulus clouds flatten to cumulus humilis and stay the "fair weather cumulus" clouds everyone loves

Nimbus clouds generallly bring thunders and showers.

mostly cumulonimbus clouds along with supercell clouds

Cumulonimbus. Most notably cumulonimbus incus.

Cumulonimbus clouds are clouds that produce lightning.

clouds can form and may cause rainy or stormy weather

Anticyclones usually bring calm weather with few or no clouds.

Cumulonimbus clouds indicate severe thunderstorms. They produce lightning and can develop into supercells, very severe thunderstorms with interesting properties.

rain if you see it in mid afternoon

cumulonimbus clouds are formed at lower altitudes

Tornadoes mostly form from cumulonimbus clouds. :D

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