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These types of clouds can bring precipitation


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Stratus clouds are low grey clouds which bring a drizzle.

Stratus clouds may sometimes produce snow or rain.

Cirrus clouds bring fair weather which is good for being out doors.

Stratocumulus clouds can bring fair weather and rain.

the weather that cumulonimbus brings is thunderstorms

Nimbus clouds generallly bring thunders and showers.

clouds can form and may cause rainy or stormy weather

Anticyclones usually bring calm weather with few or no clouds.

rain if you see it in mid afternoon

Wet weather. The cloud is particularly dark and cold.

Generally, only drizzle, although there can be cloud above stratus giving rain, showers or other forms of precipitation.

usually thunderstorms, maybe tornadoes (not likely).

Stratus clouds are low-lying uniform clouds which blanket the sky. They are often a dullish white to gray in color, and they are generally the sort of clouds which appear when people talk about a "cloudy day." Stratus clouds are not generally associated with poor weather, although they can be accompanied by drizzle, and at higher altitudes, they can be an indicator that rain is on the way. The next time you look out the window onto an oppressively cloudy day with low-lying clouds, you'll know that you are looking at stratusstratus clouds.

AnswerPrecipitation which means rain, Clouds, Low Temperatures.

Fluffy ones which bring heavy rain are cumulous clouds. Extremly dense ones are cumulonimbus clouds. Thick, grey blankets of clouds covering the sky are stratus clouds. Cold clouds made of ice are cirrus clouds. Search the pictures up in google :)

stratus clouds fill the sky during a storm.

A Low Pressure System is the kind of system that allows clouds to form. When clouds form, you can get a cloudy day, with most low pressure systems, the clouds bring the rain.

The type of weather associated with cumulus clouds is nice. These clouds are often called fair weather clouds, because they usually indicate pleasant weather.

Cumulus clouds generally indicate fair weather.

cirrus clouds mean usually fair (good) weather

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